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Shubhra Jain

Ms. Shubhra Jain - Tarot Reader and Certified Past Life Regression Therapist

Shubhra Jain a skilled software engineer and a passionate practitioner of arcane healing arts such as Tarot, Past Life Regression, and more. In order to resolve her own blocked Throat Chakra, she learnt Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing. Now she helps her clients to unblock their chakras this technique. Shubhra is also a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist and helps her clients to uncover hidden issues using Womb regression, Age Regression, Breath-Work and Inner Child Work.

Her mission is to empower others and bring peace and harmony to others, motivated her to learn many other related healing sciences. Her fascination with the occult began in her childhood when she was intrigued by the power and mysteries of the universe. As a teenager, she was introduced to Tarot readings by her mother, Sushma Jain, a well respected astrologer, gem therapist, and Vaastu expert.

Since then, for a decade, Tarot cards have not been just a divination tool for Shubhra, but a personal guide and integral part of her life. She started readings for her friends and family members who asked her to make predictions without telling her their questions. Determined to make a difference, Shubhra delved into the power hidden in her and made accurate predictions. Then she started doing readings online on social networks for unknown people, which helped her to take her psychic powers to a new level.

Unlike other Tarot readers she does not charge per question as she believes life's questions are often interrelated and need a holistic view. She uses several decks including Angel Cards and is working on creating her own deck. She has been featured in events and on guest shows on radio - All India Radio and on television - The ABN News Channel. She blogs often and shares her experiences online.

Shubhra also takes personal and online workshops on Tarot and Angel Cards. She believes one cannot learn the entire meaning of each card. But by establishing a mystical communication with the cards there is access to answers. Currently, Shubhra is one of the few Tarot readers in India who does Tarot Spells and Affirmations for manifesting things in one's life.

A special area of her interest is helping people havingbreakthroughs in their relationship patterns. She believes in creation and manifestations by affirmations and encourages clients to use these powerful techniques. Most importantly, she balances and blends ancient traditional knowledge with modern life and lifestyles and advises accordingly.

Shubhra firmly believes one needn't be a master in order to share the learning; after all we all are part of one universe.

Shubhra Jain

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Services : Tarot Reading, Tarot Spells, Angel Cards, Angel Healing, Past Life Regression, Crystal Healing, Events

Trainings : Tarot Reading Advanced and Basic Course, Angel Healing Basic Course, Chakra Healing

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