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Co - founded by four spiritual entrepreneurs, Soul Route is one of its kind life empowerment & transformation center offering full range of psychotherapy & alternative life enhancing services aimed at cultivating healthy & successful lifestyles.



Apart from the time when the sexual body of a guy was still getting matured, there have been umpteen encounters of women who have faced the wrath of them being developed completely. In other words, ever since their development was complete, they have been raring to get themselves to charge at any time, so as to speak. Part of the problem has always been the fact that guys have posed as light bulbs at any given time, much to the chagrin of a female's hormonal imbalances. The issue of getting turned on by the male side is not any issue with them really. Its with women who suffer most pangs of a lowered sex drive. While males would love to have sex almost 6 times in a week with a restful day for them and their counter parts most women would not agree for the same. Its probably not the same for the woman. There are many times when certain amount of medication that affects their systems, or even putting on weight that causes a hindrance for them to take part in sexual activities.


There are a few possibilities that we might need to examine before we really conclude reasons for this lowered sexual drive. There are some who are fed up with the same sexual position, but perhaps don't know for sure that this may be the reason for boredom in the bedroom. There are some who are probably medically unfit for having a healthy sex life. Hypothyroidism is another great reason for low sex drive. Hormonal imbalances may not always look all that severe but the fact is that they are known to be doses of slow poison that seep through our lives without we being completely involved in the process.

Domestic problems and improper understanding amongst both partners can also be another reason for their worry as the mind, especially the sub conscious mind never forgets. It slowly deprives your vagina to get all that heated up and lubricated, so much so that even if you want to change the situation and get there, its rather difficult as you've already frozen your system.

Certain amount of prolonged illness may also provide to this problem. But most importantly, this occurs after the birth of a child, especially after the first child. The trauma of child birth as it were and the boon of breast feeding is a feeling so orgasmic that the need for sex is thrown out of the window. Its always a case with men feeling left out after a baby is born. First the woman needs to get back on track with her body and the new entrant in life and secondly, the joy of holding the little bundle of joy in one's arms is so great that all other joys that seem momentary are eluded.

For fathers, its quite a different case altogether. Men need to feel loved and unlike women, their need for this sort of love is through sex. Women tend to draw in closer after their new life gets set after the baby and its is perhaps nothing short of boredom, that brings them closer to their man again. For men too, erection problems and their pot bellies can pose a threat to their sexual life. To pump your lady with your stream of love can only be possible to your satisfaction if you have a normal, and less bloated tummy. Sure your libido might be high but if your body isn't in your hands then its quite depressing for a man to fulfil his lover's needs. It is in this scenario that a man often loses hi erection, causing a lowered sexual drive in him. He may be turned on by a sexy lady by his side, but if he cannot perform, something that's absolutely essential for him as a man, then he's already lost the battle even before he began!


An interesting feature of this sort of a problem is that out of the many cases reported, its almost always women who suffer from a low sex drive. Sexologists have tried understanding the real reason, but none of them have even the remotest idea for this problem. Although there may be millions of reasons why men and women suffer from this, the only way to put back the zing in your life would be to bring in large doses of variation, from ideas, to places to positions, to even spells of abstinence, the punch line is to remain fit, with gymnastic levels of stretching your body, to even keeping your self busy.

Its quite another thing if you have a physical impediment like thyroid hampering yourself to sexual freedom and quite another when you be a loner. The former still has miles to go in allowing people to reach their sexual gratification, the latter, however, can be dealt with, with the methods mentioned, with a dash of creativity thrown in, after all if you really wanna live a fulfilling life, along with right eating and exercise, its also huge doses of gratifying sex that can do the trick

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