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Divinity Tools - Ms. Kanak Kabra

Profile: Kanak Kabra Divinity Tools

Kanak Kabra is an Angel Practitioner certified from Charles Virtue (eldest son of Dr. Doreen Virtue, creator of the ATP® course and pioneer of Angel Therapy in the world), and is trained under Sunita Singad.

Kanak Kabra is also Oracle card Reader, Crystal Therapist and a certified Su Jok therapist. Since childhood, she had been interested in Spiritual Sciences, Past Life, Metaphysics and various other healing modalities, existing in the world. Her passion and interest for the science of healing, coupled with her experience and knowledge, about various healing techniques, got her into providing healing services professionally, as she believes that each one of us are blessed with the spark of divine power of the creator within us, and have an inherent capacity to heal ourselves.

She is certified and trained to conduct workshops for Angel Healing, Su Jok Therapy and various other holistic therapies.

Kanak's Angel readings have given her clients much needed insight into the problems, they have been facing regarding issues in their lives. By allowing the vibrant and loving energy of the Universe, and the Angels to come through to guide, she provides them with the best choices that they can have regarding a particular situation in life. Everyone can walk away from these readings with a clear picture of the situation / issue they are facing.

Kanak's goal is to make one aware of the inner beauty of the soul. Her passion and purpose is to teach others to tap into the power and beauty of their souls and help people connect with the love and wisdom of their angels.

She works as a Spiritual healer, counselor and teacher of various alternative healing therapies.

She can be contacted for following services:

  • Oracle Card Reading
  • Channeling with Angels
  • Su Jok Therapy (a form of Accupressure)
  • Crystal Prescriptions
  • Diamond Feng-Shui
  • Learning to connect and communicate with Angels
  • Learning to do Oracle card reading
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • One to one sessions for healing.

for Major benefits Contact @ +91 98850 89031 (11 am to 6 pm IST)

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