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Laughter Yoga : Effective form of Pranayama

Laughter Yoga is a playful and effective form of pranayama (yogic breathing), combining simulated laughter exercises with simple breathing and stretching. We laugh for no reason - no jokes, comedy or sense of humor required! Laughter Yoga is exercise, and what we practice grows stronger.

The idea that laughter is good for us is nothing new. The key to Laughter Yoga is that the body doesn't know the difference between real or simulated laughter. We are able to intentionally generate physical, mental and emotional benefits by simply choosing to laugh.

Why not use humor? Humor is a wonderful gift but it is extremely cultural and individual and also conditional. Laughter is universal and laughing for no reason is unconditional. We laugh because we choose to laugh; we choose to laugh because it makes us happier and healthier.

The real beauty of laughter however is that it is terribly contagious. What starts out as simulated laughter often becomes a hearty gut busting belly laugh. The incredible release and joy of this type of laughter - which for many people is a rare and precious gem - becomes an equally precious but easily accessible and regularly joyous part of our lives!

Who benefits from Laughter Yoga?

People with limited mobility: Laughter Yoga provides a safe and accessible form of exercise that fully oxygenates the body, building health and vitality.

People caught in the stressful grind of everyday life: Laughter Yoga reduces stress hormones, boosts the immune system and uses the power of play to bring delight back into living.

People facing challenging health situations: Laughter Yoga promotes the positive attitudes and emotions that are an essential complement to therapeutic medical care.

People facing challenging life situations: Laughter Yoga is a reminder that if you can laugh at yourself and see the lighter side of even the worst circumstances, they are easier to bear.

Groups of people in an organization, workplace or workshop who are new to each other or lack a sense of unity: Laughter Yoga connects people quickly via a universal "language," building trust and resilience in a playful, lighthearted way.

Note: there are some contraindications for Laughter Yoga, including uncontrolled high blood pressure, epilepsy, hernia, schizophrenia, late stage pregnancy, recent surgery, etc. This list is not exhaustive. Please consult your Doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga


* Flushes whole body with oxygen

* Decreases stress hormones (cortisol & epinephrine)

* Boosts immune system (including Natural Killer (NK) cells)

* Releases endorphins (natural pain relief)

* Massages internal organs

* Is a great workout for the heart and belly!


* Cultivates playfulness

* Supports positive emotions (contentment, optimism, equanimity)

* Creates joyful connection with others

* Enables you to laugh more easily at life's travails


* Gets you out of the spinning mind

* Loosens fixed identities

* Cultivates insights into non-dualism and "no self"

Laughter Yoga as a Spiritual Practice?"

Hasya means "laughter." Yoga means "union." Hasya Yoga moves us out of our anxious and judging minds and into a state of celebration and wonder. We breathe life into the body. We explore the edges of non-dualism in a light hearted, playful way. We accept ourselves in all our glory and our messiness. We connect with one another via the universal language of laughter - Ha Ha Ha! And as we do, we begin to break down the barriers that keep us separate and disconnected from our natural state of wholeness. .

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