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Taruna Sethi

Serenity Circle - Ms. Taruna Sethi

An aura photography expert, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Shamanic practitioner, Shadow work healer, Past life regression therapist, Meditation consultant & Counselor, Access bar practitioner, Reiki Master, EET unpeeling work expert with Mood Managers & Crystalline mind techniques.

She prefers to initiate the session with an aura photography session which is very imperative to reach the core issues of a client. Then the modality of healing can be integrated according to what works best with the client. A lot of work starts with hypnotherapy & affirmations. Deep work takes past life regression with a lot of inner child work, Healing here happens step by step. To get insight into issue & receiving guidance shamanic journeys help beautifully.

Angelic guidance helps get guidance for healing the wounds. Transformative session using Mood Managers & Crystalline mind, helps you find as new & freer you. Access bars is the icing on the cake helps clear all that is stored in cell memories so the clutter get cleared from within & forever Tanu's passion for serving humanity led to her to initiate "Revive Your Life". She is trying to make people realize & experience their life potential with all the healing work & serenity circle is a support group she has co-formed with all the people who came in touch with her & transformed their lives.

Her work in focused on releasing the past, accepting the present & visualizing a desired future with a clear understanding of one's life purpose which promises an authentic life & spiritual fulfillment.

She is an experienced Hypnotherapist, Past life regression therapist, Future life progression, where she works with mind & its hidden powers, helping them to understand their issues with an bird's eye. Help them challenge old belief system & negative pattern to form the new & assigned ones Regression helps one regain mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Using shadow work she helps people accept their darkness before they come is their true light & accept their real & true self.

Distance healing & online Skype work too is done using the modalities she is equipped with shamanic journeys is her forte. She journeys for her client is seek guidance from power animals, angelic realms through metaphoric work by systematically guiding & calling her client on a voyage, where they re-discover themselves. Her forte is style of integrating the techniques in a very intuitive way.

An access bar practitioner helps people release a lot of blocks & beliefs by running bars & clearing the space of the client. She is conducting numerous workshops using various modalities from time to time.

Contact@: +91 98113 40470 / 97174 78613


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