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Ms. Paulami Mukherjee

Profile: Paulami Mukherjee

I am an Author, a striving Yogi, Teacher, Tarot Expert, Healer, Angel Empowerment expert and Manifestation Guide. My search for the inner power within continues through various modes. Join me on my quest and be a friend who can derive knowledge from my experiences and can also share their own.

You can get guidance for your next path, learn to meditate and start using new ways of being, know how to use affirmations for your freedom and how to visualize. You can also learn many rituals/methods of manifesting.

Know that there is nothing "paranormal" in the Universe, except our limited understanding of Nature. What we think we "know" is just a tiny drop in the Ocean of Knowledge. Nature has all the information and whosoever wishes to find it, they get it. All that is required is the intention to know it, believe it and love it. Everybody has a choice, either to align their life for highest good or go on burdening oneself with new found restrictions every moment.

To become Free and Willing, it takes courage and SOUL INNOVATIONS provides just that. It helps you believe in yourself again.

Paulami Mukherjee

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