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"The healing power of Christ and the miraculous power of Moses, The charm of Krishna, the inspiration of the Buddha, - all these are attained by breath" - Hazrath Inayat Khan

We are not just physical bodies that we identify ourselves with. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Every negative or unpleasant experience we ever had while in this body accumulates into negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs. These negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs rule and ruin our life.

Throughout this experience, from birth to death, breath is our intimate companion.


Through respiration we breathe in air as well as energy. This is life-giving principle that permeates the entire universe. It is called 'Prana' in India, Chi in China, Ki in Japan, Spiritus in latin, breath and spirit by ancient Greeks, ruach(the breath with in breath) in Hebrew, atman in germany ofr both breath and soul, and with many other names throughout the world.

BREATH has been used in various spiritual traditions for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being under practices like Anapanasati, Pranayama, Kriya yoga, Shamanic breathing, Chi kung, Qi-gong etc...


As a healthy infant we breathe naturally in a healthy way i.e., fully, freely and rhythmically. But as we grow elder our breathing changes to inhibited, incomplete and non-rhythmic way.

Breath is a hologram. Breath is a language.

Like the expression on our face, or the tone of our voice, or our posture... the way that we breathe reflects and expresses what is happening inside us.


By changing the way we breathe, we change the way we live.

Breathwork helps in healing of body, mind, fears and emotions.


Breath is the link between body, mind, emotions and soul. By exploring the breath, we discover ourselves. By restoring our breathing to natural and healthy way our physical, mental and emotional well being happens and allows a deeper connection with ourselves.

Benefits of Breathwork

* Develop a healthy natural breathing habit.

* Healing of diseases - Breath work therapy is effective on various psychosomatic diseases and chronic diseases.... like psoriaisis, allergies, skin diseases, migraine, sinusitis etc...

* Mastering emotions - It allows us to master our emotions and develop skills to channelize them according to our needs. Breath work therapy involves a variety of experiences, which act as emotional cleansing tool for our soul.

* Form harmonious and successful loving relationships -Helps us create stronger and more open relationships. You will actually feel your heart opening up itself for others feelings.

* Overcome addictions -This therapy allows us to conquer addictions while healing all the unresolved issues that are actually the cause behind them.

* Overcome unknown fears and phobias - breathwork helps you to connect to the root cause of the fears and phobias and helps you to overcome them completely.

* Experience the oneness with the Five elements - All the matter in nature (such as our physical body) is made up of five elements. Breathwork helps you to balance these five elements.

* Overcoming the eight inhibitors to bliss (also known as Eight biggies of human trauma) - 1.birth trauma, 2.parental disapproval syndrome 3. Specific negativities trauma 5.past-life trauma 6.the unconscious death urge 7.religious trauma 8.senility

* Achieve Physical immortality - helps you to heal the death urge and keeps you free from emotional energy pollution(EEP).

* Breathwork is learning to breathe energy as well as air. Breathwork can, and often does, result in biological experience of god.

* you can eliminate your anxiety and/or depression and achieve lasting inner peace and contentment.

* you can unlock your true purpose and create a life that's filled with happiness, love and abundance.

* Breath work therapy gives us an opportunity to make positive changes in our life. This therapy helps us in understand our inner self better. This in turn reflects a part of our personal development program. It releases the blocked stress and negativity and increases our self confidence and self assertion. This results in an improved performance in all aspects of life.

Do yourself a favour and have a spring clean and rejuvenation treatment on the inside where it counts... Master your breathing... Master your life!

What happens during a breathwork session?

Breathwork is a connected breathing process that empowers and fills you with an extraordinary amount of energy, replenishing and expanding your personal supply of energy. You are literally breathing in pure, vibrant, pulsating intelligence or life force into every cell of your body. The feeling is such, that you have plugged yourself into a power source and flicked the switch to on. You feel a wonderful current of electricity or energy surging through your body, pulsating with aliveness, and lifting your cells to a higher vibration. It transforms dense, sluggish energy into fresh, pure, clean supply. It's an amazing experience that transforms you at a deep cellular level... It's a journey into the deeper aspects of yourself. It will lead you on an incredible journey, unfolding and revealing your greatest, inherent, human potential.

In the final stages of a breathwork session, you enter into a state of profound stillness and deep peace. You won't want to come out...

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