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Angel Healing is a spiritual and divine healing method, which involves working with a person’s guardian angels and the angelic realm as a whole. This healing method can be used to heal and improve every aspect of our life like health, relationships, finance, career etc. to name a few.

Angels are divine beings of light. The word ‘Angel’ means “messenger of God”. Angels are divine celestial beings who exist at a higher frequency from the one to which our physical senses are attuned to. Their purpose is to assist mankind and to spread peace and love on earth. Being the messengers of God, angels carry messages between God and mankind on earth.

Angels give unconditional love to all. They are non-judgmental and completely trustworthy. Angels are non-denominational too. Although many religions like Christianity, Islam and Judaism mention angels in their sacred texts, they do not belong to a particular religion. Angels work with all irrespective of their religious beliefs so one can continue having the same beliefs while working with the angels. Angels have infinite wisdom and intelligence and know everything about our life purpose. It is completely safe working with the angels. They assist all who call them sincerely for help.

Ancient paintings and sacred scriptures portray angels as winged beings with halos. Although angels are pure beings of light and glow with different colours, they do not have wings. But as we expect angels to look like those ancient painting, they appear to us as winged beings.

Angel Healing is about knowing the angels and connecting and communicating with them to bring about peace, happiness, harmony and healing in every area of our lives. Working with angels over a period of time brings about many positive changes in one’s life, some of which are listed below:

  • • Angels remove negative blocks in our body so that our mind, body and soul work harmoniously.
  • • Angels improve the frequency at which our body vibrates and heal our energy fields.
  • • Angels decrease the recurrence of general and seasonal illnesses like cold, flu, fever etc. and accelerate the healing process of other ailments.
  • • Angels provide motivation for healthy lifestyle changes like yoga, diet, exercises etc.
  • • Angels transform the way we see the world. As angels know only love, when you start working with them you become more loving, respectful and compassionate.
  • • Angels help in overcoming phobias and irrational fears.
  • • Angels open up the psychic channels by removing psychic debris and blocks in body and by opening the third eye, thereby developing intuitiveness and sensitivity.
  • • Angels help with past life and karma issues.
  • • Angels enhance our spiritual development by connecting us better with the divine.

However, it is to be kept in mind that this healing technique is not a substitute for any medical treatment or therapy. It is recommended to continue the medical treatment, if any, being taken. It is advisable to learn this healing technique under the supervision of a certified practitioner.

Kanak Kabra
Angel Healer

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