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An insightful workshop to harness the potential in our Chakras.

7th,8th & 9th September 2012

Dear Friends

Invariably, whenever we talk of our Chakras, we look at it from a microscopic view. The knowledge we later acquire is extended to macro level, so much so, it blinds us to the truth hidden in it. When we talk of chakras, we usually connect to the knowledge of "Closing", "Opening" of its blockages. This limited understanding of the Chakras has kept us away from knowing / understanding the unlimited hidden information and wisdom.

By "awakening our awareness" about our Chakras, it helps us move from the Law of gravitation (From our limitation) to the Law of Grace (To our unlimited potential). By Law of Grace, we mean to look deep into ourselves, so that we bring our awareness to the abundant "light & information'" which is hidden within us.

The objective of this workshop is to awaken our self to this information; to look into the seven levels of consciousness and to harness this "Light and Information" to acquire the Law of Grace.

I look forward to your presence in the 3-day workshop so that we can walk hand-in-hand to uncover these hidden truths in our self.

With Love


Programme Details:

Areas covered in the workshop:

Comparitative understanding of seven chakras with

  • Seven universal truths
  • Seven soul levels
  • Seven mirrors of relationship
  • Seven colours
  • Seven notes of music.
  • * Seven powerful meditations to connect to the potential of each chakra

    * Mudras and sounds for each chakras


    Friday 7th September, Saturday 8th September &

    Sunday 9th September 2012


    9.30 am to 6.00 pm on all the three days.



    Mobile: +91 98497 91971 , & +91 98497 92527

    Kindly confirm your participation early.

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