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Holistic health Care - Prakruti Swasthya Kendra

A Unit of Holistic Medicine Research Foundation - Asia's first and foremost ISO 9001:2008 certified pioneer research centre on Holistic Medicines - Prof. Dr. Deepak Rout (Gold Medalist)...


Identifying Breast Cancer

Awareness of any change while looking and feeling one's breasts is an essential way of identifying breast cancer in its early stage and arresting any further harm. Any alteration to how they feel and look requires a consultation with a doctor. Alteration of breasts occurs periodically all through the monthly cycle and throughout a woman's lifespan. Other factors like menarche, age, pregnancy, breast feeding, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and menopause affect and alter breast development. Taking the time to study one's breasts and knowing what is normal will benefit in being aware of any alterations in order to stop any further damage to the body.

The best way to examine one's breasts is in a shower using either soapy water, talc or a moisturizer which will help move hands more smoothly over the breasts. For women that are big in build, lying down would make it easier to palpate breasts

How and what to check for in breasts?

  • Physical characteristics like puckering, redness or inflammation, or dimples would be noticeable while standing in front of a mirror
  • Check for nipples that look drawn in or are changing direction
  • Look for discharge from nipples while gently squeezing breasts and any kind of rash that occurs around the nipples
  • Be aware of any persistent ache or throbbing pain in the breast or in the armpit area that is not due to the monthly period
  • Palpate with hands to feel for any swelling, lumps or bumps that feel unlike the rest of the breast tissue
  • Also check for swelling and lumps surrounding the breasts in the area of the armpits, below the collarbone and upper arms.

When to do a breast check?

An ideal check would comprise of palpating breasts every few days as changes occur around the time of monthly periods and might be misleading. Knowing how breasts feel around that time and at other times would set the benchmark for discerning unusual changes. For menopausal women a breast exam should be conducted by themselves as often as possible to check for unusual feeling lumps.

Devices to check breasts

Though there are many breast self exam kits available in the market over the counter, it is still advisable for women that qualify for examination to go for a mammogram if they detect any signs or symptoms like lumps in the breast or seek advice from a GP who might refer the case to a breast clinic that specializes in the detection of a breast condition. A biopsy or ultrasound would help detect or rule out the possibility of a serious condition.

Five steps to breast cancer awareness

  1. Awareness of what should look and feel normal
  2. Looking for abnormal changes
  3. Look for physical and palpable changes
  4. Consulting the GP immediately
  5. Getting a breast exam done as advised at the earliest
  6. Holistic health Care - Prakruti Swasthya Kendra

    (A Unit of Holistic Medicine Research Foundation)

    Asia's first and foremost ISO 9001:2008 certified pioneer research centre on Holistic Medicines

    Profile - Prof. Dr. Deepak Rout (Gold Medalist)

    D-Pharm, Bsc, BYNS, MD (ACU), PhD (ACU), Srilanka

    PGD (Acu) FM Univerity, ND

    PGD (Advanced Clinical Research), ICRI, Hyderabad

    Certificate in FDA approval process, FDA smart Inc., USA

    Certificate on ICR-UK examination, Institute of Clinical Research, UK

    Reiki Master, Kauna Reiki Healer

    14 years experience in Health care and rich experience in Bio-Energy research, training, treatment and education.


    In cultivating and thus carrying forward the philosophy of Health as omnia in excellentia, Holistic Health Care nourishes health care as a holistic science in manifesto.

    Health: WHO interprets Health as Wellness in terms of bio-psycho-socio well being.

    "Health is a state of complete physical, mental, social well being not merely free from disease or insanity". - W.H.O.

    W.H.O. declares on 2015 INDIA will be

    A) Capital of Diabetes

    B) Heart Disease

    C) Cancer

    D) Arthritis

    E) Lung Disease

    F) Skin Diseases

    G) Obesity

    Solution is Supplementation of Proteins, Vitamins & Minerals by Natural means.

    Holistic Health Care is ipso facto interpreted in therapeutic practice as "Prakruti Swasthya Kendra".

    Why Health: Health remains the most precious and inevitable caring subject for a person. Thus we say "Health beyond Heal". But when you say a person who has lost his health.

    What is Holistic Health?

    Holistic health is a concept in medical practice upholding that all aspects of people's needs, psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole. As defined above, the holistic view on treatment is widely accepted in medicine. A different definition, claiming that disease is a result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalance, is used in Alternative Medicine. Holistic health focuses on all facets of human functioning, which involves our taking responsibility for maintaining all aspect of our well-being.

    Some distinguishing holistic therapies focus either on the body, the mind, or the spirit.

    Two popular types of each Holistic Therapy such as:

    1. Body Holistic Therapies

    2. Mind Holistic Therapies

    Body Holistic Therapies:

    These treatments are examples of holistic health for the body. They may also help the mind and the spirit, as the body is seen to

    • Acupuncture: originating in China, acupuncture involves inserting the tips of needles into specific points of the skin. It is used to treat a variety of disorders through the stimulation of nerve impulses.
    • Chiropractors: chiropractors treat health problems dealing with the body's muscles, nerves, or skeleton (usually the spine). They usually adjust the spine, correcting misalignments that may affect the brain and nervous system.

    Mind Holistic Therapies

    This type of holistic therapy affects behavior, emotions, and other issues of the mind

    • Psychotherapy - psychotherapy is the biggest application of mental holistic health therapy. It involves developing an interpersonal relationship with a psychotherapist and usually involves the sharing of experiences and feelings for the benefit of mental health.
    • Meditation - meditation is a deep focus or reflection that can relax the body while the mind enjoys the most simple form of awareness, opening the door for mental or spiritual clarity.

    Multi-Therapeutic Services

    • Pain and Palliative Care
    • Weight Management Program
    • Holistic Nutrition Program
    • Body Detoxification Therapy
    • Infertility Support
    • Cosmetic Therapy
    • Geriatric Care
    • Women's Care Program
    • Holistic-Diagnostics System
    • Immune Modulation Therapy
    • Hormone Regulation Therapy

    India's Best Pain Care Research Centre

    Improve Quality Of Life with Pain Management


    • Low Back Pain
    • Sciatica or Radiating pain in limbs
    • Cancer Pain
    • Neck (Cervical Spondylosis) and Shoulder Pain
    • Headache- Migraine
    • Pain of Tennis Elbow and Heel
    • Pain due to less blood supply in lower or upper limbs
    • Neuropathic pain
    • Pelvic and Urogenital Pain
    • Muscular Pain or Muscle Pain due to sprain
    • Wrist pain (Carpal tunnel syndrome)
    • Lower Abdomen Pain
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Menstrual cramps pain


    • No surgery, Non-invasive, Safe and no side-effects.
    • Patient mobility increases and pain decreases significantly after treatment.
    • Natural growth of Cartilage, Ligament & Tendon and thereby eliminating the root cause.
    • Treatment increases bone density.
    • No pain or bleeding to patient during treatment
    • Diet chart for everyone
    • Patient education to promote self-care management

    Education & Training

    • Diploma / Bachelor / M.D. / Ph.D. in Acupuncture
    • Basic Acupuncture certification (FREE education to all)
    • Academic semester projects / Dissertation / internships on Acupuncture / Live Projects on Acupuncture and clinical training certification
    • Fellowship Research in Clinical Acupuncture (FRCA)
    • Fellowship in Micro-Acupuncture System (FMAS)
    • Certificate on Cosmetic Acupuncture (CCA)
    • Certificate on Advanced Cosmetic Acupuncture (ACA)
    • Advanced certificate in Medical Acupuncture (ACMA)
    • Diploma in Naturopathy (ND)
    • Certificate training on Body-Detoxification therapy
    • Certificate training on Massage therapy
    • Certificate training on Health & Nutritional management
    • Advanced certificate in Diabetes management
    • Certificate training on EMS / Whole Body Scanning
    • Certificate training on Reflexology
    • Reiki training certification





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    MOBILE: +91 99665 53900, 93962 77270

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    Sparc health care , is dedicated to providing their patients with the highest level of physical therapy treatment. Their physical therapists focus on evidenced-based practice, rigorous continued education in specialized areas of treatment, and weekly research-based study to allow their patients to quickly and effectively achieve the best results.

    To further ensure preeminent physical therapy services and patient care, each of their patients are directly treated by their licensed, specialty certified physical therapists - without interaction from assistants or aides

    At Sparc Healthcare,they not only believe in hands-on, one on one therapy but also alternative innovative approaches which are more focused on the overall health as well as well being of their patients and hence they enjoy the abundant support for pursuing the excellence in the quality of health care. They always aim to continuously push high to a new stage keeping in mind the policy of their clients first, strive to be first, provide effective and precise treatment and thus have attained perfection through dedicated teamwork and never ending spirit. Their dedicated and sincere staff has built an excellent collective atmosphere of comfort, communication, precise and effective treatment by the means of the best available methods to take this prestigious firm to a higher plane and make them reach where it is today - one among the best, bringing smiles to their satisfied patients.


    • Manual Therapy
    • Exercise Therapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Women's Health
    • Ergonomics
    • Conditions Treated

    • Back pain
    • Neck Pain
    • Joint Pain Arms and Legs
    • Headaches
    • Arthritis/Fibromyalgia
    • Motor Vehicle Accident
    • Work Injury
    • Sports Injury
    • Overuse Injury
    • Postural Problems
    • TMJ
    • Pre and Post Natal
    • Arthritis/Fibromyalgia
    • Contact : +91 9000344744 / 9000644844

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