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The power of OM Mantra Meditation

Repetition of mantra can elevate the consciousness and transcend the limitation of a mind. The reward of mantra will be received easier when the chanting is practiced with sincere devotion. One minute of sincere chanting is far superior to a thousands hours of mere vibration. It is the love and worship behind the sound that bring the real benefit of chanting. OM is made up of O U M. Pronouncing Ou should be pronounced such a way that it will create the vacuum inside the body (starting from palate to diaphragm ) so the air (called Praana or life ) can fill inside. M must be pronounced inside the crown of head. Sounding M this way will vibrate the freshly entered Praana inside the body. Consequently the vibration will be felt every cell of body first and rest of the atmosphere surrounded it.

The birth of OM

Sadhus says that O stands of material thing, U highlight the dreams or seeking and M stands for real truth or something unknown. Thus Om contains the entire spectrum of sound, words and concepts. In brief OM is an meaning of all life, love and wisdom.

Hindus believes that OM is an first sound which has been generated when the cosmos formed. So every element of this cosmos will feel the familiarity of the vibration when this OM has been chanted. Means chanting of OM will connect ourselves to the rest of the world and submerge our Karma with the divine at bottom level.

As like all meditation practices the goal of OM narration is to call the mind and relaxing the body. This will increase the concentration so that harmonious thoughts more easily come to mind followed by their product of kind and caring actions.

Mantra meditation Practice

Mantra meditation can be practiced anywhere and is easy, it need just mere mental recite of same sound. It is also the proven method to regain and maintaining peace and controlling tensed mind and bringing to calm state under stress.

There are many ways to do mantras aloud , humming and silently being in thinking. The sound of OM brings soothing and calming to mind when chanted louder. Please note the mantra OM is universal. The humming of OM brings sharpness and amazement of being present in physical place. Must hummed in lyrics of three consequent words. Silent chanting of OM bring the ultimatum of realization in theological, philosophical and mystical aspects of Om.

Silent chanting is like meditation, you can sit yourself in half / full lotus position with eye closed. Chanting OM with attention focused on third eye and breathing mindfully. The inhale of air should start with O and breath end with M. For few days you feel uncomfortable or complicated, but as soon as the frequency of your OM vibration synchronize with your body, your karma love to remain in that state.

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