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Sowmya Chandramouli

Sowmya Chandramouli

Holistic Healing Center

Mrs. Sowmya Chandramouli has been the key person to introduce the concept of Reiki to the states of Telangana and Karnataka in the early 1990s along with her husband late. K.M.Chandramouli. Her several achievements through her students and patients speak of her.

She has mastered over 15 alternative therapies (being a qualified teacher for most of the techniques) from their respective founders in their respective countries by the early 90's

  • est from Werner Erhard 1980,(USA)
  • Silva Mind Control (Ultra and Ultimate Post Graduate, from the founder Jose Silva, at Laredo, Texas, USA. Basic in the year 1993, and Advanced in the year 1994
  • Dowsing,
  • Bach Flower,
  • Psychotherapy (Advanced),
  • Mana force,

  • Kriya Shakthi,
  • Pendulum,
  • Psychic self defense,
  • Psychic surgery,
  • Pranic Healing,
  • Arahat Yogi,
  • Clairvoyance,
  • Crystal Healing,
  • Art Of Living,
  • Acupressure,
  • Acupuncture,
  • Past life Regression,
  • Hypnotism,
  • Numerology,
  • Astrology,
  • Vaastu adviser,
  • Dreams.

  • Having travelled worldwide with a thirst for spiritual knowledge, she had put these into use by being an efficient healer practising various techniques that she had learnt. On seeing the results personally after an intensive research on various subjects, the couple decided to spread the awareness of Reiki to the public for its simplicity in learning, and extensive applicable usages for people without any barrier of literacy, or age.

    Since then, she had been conducting seminars on Reiki, and has over 18000 students worldwide today. Her students hail from different sectors including IAS and IPS officers, politicians, doctors, teachers, artists, students, farmers, scientists, etc, Literate, illiterate, children and the old, where every student of hers is treated alike as her own child, and enjoys seeing their progress in every walk of life. She is well recognised, and has achieved an All India Gaurav Udyog Award in 2004, and is a gold medallist in this field. Her teachings have greatly helped students strike a balance between work-personal life, spiritual-material world, and mind-body. She extends her heartfelt gratitude to all her students and many of the today's grand masters initiated by her for making the couples dream come true in spreading Reiki to every family. The centre offers Reiki of all levels including master in healing program as well as Grand master in training program in Reiki. At the centre, with the support of the students of the "Reiki family of Holistic Healing Centre", she has been silently working on several successful projects for the betterment of the country and world.

    She is guided by her personal spiritual Guru, and by His grace, she teaches the Law of Karma in the institute which is a two day seminar. The students who go through this unique course are enlightened and mark the day for a celebration of their enlightment. They have been able to see results in their healing, personal life, professional life and spiritual life.

    With the different courses she has done in different alternative therapies, she also uses counselling as an effective healing technique. She has been extremely successful in marital/family counselling, counselling the adolescent and innocent children, depressions of any sort, and parenting. Counselling is done by her at her residence. She also does counselling to corporate employees to cope with their personal problems in confidence.

    The dream of the couple to spread Reiki is well supported by their daughter Ms. Amritha Chandramouli who is the youngest to be attuned in the world record (in the year 1995) and has attained a Grand Master degree after a vigorous training in healing, assisting and training at early age. Today, she is an independent teacher with her own set of students, and a co trainer in this institute. Being a biotechnologist, she explains the scientific aspects of the spiritual approach in the healing techniques taught and followed in the centre.

    Holistic Healing Center

    324, Gurupaadh, 10-3-20/4, East Marredpally,

    Secunderabad 500026.

    +91 9849339125

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