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Mrs. Vira Komarraju

ReikiUrja - Holistic & Clairvoyant Healing Space

I have been practicing Reiki for 18 years, and it has been an enriching and rewarding experience. I have been healing human beings, situations, relationships, the past, the future, animals and plants, insects, Mother Earth too. I have taught several people including children, through the years. This has brought me a long way on a wonderful journey, and I feel so joyous and grateful for all that is in my life.

Reiki magic: Yes, Reiki heals and empowers. It dissolves or releases our emotional blocks working at the energy level, and it works ahead to empower our goals and aspirations for the future too. I feel Reiki is an amazing and powerful practice by which we can heal others and heal ourselves in the process too - with incredible certainty. It is a very subtle and gentle healing method that just helps the baggage drop away and helps the 'real' you to emerge. Again, it's not only to HEAL oneself, Reiki is used to EMPOWER as well.

How did Reiki come to me: I was nurtured on a spiritual background of yoga and meditation from as far back as six or seven years of age. In the preteen years and my youth I learned from the teachings of the Upanishads, listening to the erudite Swami Ranganathananda on a Sunday weekly one hour at the Sri Ramakrishna Math. This foundation bred a desire in me to spend time and effort on personal spiritual growth, learn techniques of breathing with Late S N Goenka's Vipassana (Lord Buddha), Sahaj Yoga meditation, the Sudarshan Kriya in the Art of Living, and techniques of energy transmission with Reiki. I sought information on near-death experiences, the afterlife, past life and what happens in the interim, between lives.

I understood the Truth that emotions and relationships were the fire in which we as humans honed our goodness; that love and compassion are the only reality, as free as the air we breathe. We can easily draw upon the love and compassion available in abundance all around us, share and give as easily, freely also. We need to be aware that we are already connected to the source of love and just need to draw up on it as much as we please, all the time. That is the essence of life.

HEALING modalities

Holy Fire Reiki & Holy Fire Karuna Reiki healing, Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT), Hypnotherapy, Crystal healing, Fairy & Angel Card readings, and Archangel Michael & Raphael healing for:

Physical illnesses I Emotional setbacks (Depression, Bipolar, Paranoia) I Relationships I Fears & Phobias I Addictions I Personal goals affirmations I Chakra healing I Chakra balancing I Aura healing I Space healing

TRAINING: Holy Fire Reiki Lineage of living Reiki Master William Lee Rand - Levels 1 & 2, Advanced Reiki Training (ART)(Level 3A), Reiki Master (Level 3B) I Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Training Practitioner Level 1&2, Karuna Reiki Master Level

G-4, Peace Court Apartments

Street No - 1, Umanagar, Begumpet

(behind Country Club), Hyderabad - 500016 A.P. India.

Contact : +91 98490 29270, +91 40 234 00 112

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