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Rani Sunita Devi


Are you in search of answers to your questions like...

  • Whats there in your future?
  • Are you in right relationship?
  • Why you have problem or obstacle in your life?
  • When will you get success?
  • When will you marry?
  • Which carrier to choose?...etc

And don't know where to go then you are in right place... you have an opportunity to solve your problems to better future... get proper guidance from "Rani Sunita Devi" a famous psychic expert Tarot reader practicing in Hyderabad... as she is God gifted with the Psychic & Intuitive abilities .She is the maiden Tarot card reader of Telangana.

She is also a certified Crystal Therapist from California Hypnosis Institute under Late Dr Sunny Satin.

Her list of credentials goes on and on, but her basic aim is unconditional "seva" to human kind, to the needy, deprived, destitutes and the teenagers facing crisis, to reach more and more people through her expertise and healing modalities for complete body, mind and spirit.

She has a very high accuracy in her predictions on any fields (Relations, Love, Health, Money, Work, etc). She also teaches all techniques and attributes of tarot cards readings. Over the years people have taken her prediction to improve their life, She has very high profile seekers (client) like Businessman", Media professionals, BPO industry employees, Engineers, Housewives.. etc. She also gives solution for any kind of problems, She believes in natural healing. Since 25 years, she is in the research work of alternative healing which lead her into extensive exploration to himalayas. Under the guidance of Gayatri Parivaar, Shantikunj, Haridwar. She explored on various healing therapies like yagna therapy, herbal therapy etc. By the divine grace of her gurudev, Pandit Sri Ram Sharma Acharya, of gayatri paarivar, she is blessed with the unique power of healing under the name "holistic panchakarma healing" She is also blessed with the divine healing powers and have come out with the unique holistic panchakarma healing programme with par excellence and which is a breakthrough in the field of alternative healing...

She also suggests remedies through crystal therapy and Hindu rituals (Gayatri remedies). She is a specialist in Past Life Regression and a counselor for teens crisis, marriage crisis, business or financial crisis. Distant healing is her specified field of excellence. She was also awarded the title of "Tarot Queen".

She can be contacted @ +91 75691 20360
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