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Personal Care system

Personal Care system - Dr. Gopal Chottai (Acupressure Therapist). D.Ac, DNYS, PGDYT, M.Sc (Yoga) & Dr. Namratha B.H.M.S(MS)


Our Body

According to science, the human body appeared on the Earth more than 5 million years ago. We can compare our body with the most modern, air conditioned factory. Its building has a cement concrete structure (the skeleton). In the first floor, which is up to the diaphragm accommodates the nutrition producing plant (Stomach), filtration plant (Kidneys), sewage plant (the Colon) to throw out of wastage - urine and stools. On the second floor, there is a non-stop pump (Heat) and also air controller (Lungs). And on the top floor, it accommodates the atomic reactor, the super computer and the telephone exchange ie the brain which is the fastest communication system.


After knowing about our body, let us see, what Acupressure is. The word acupressure is derived from a Latin word "ACUS" means needles and pressure means stimulating specific points with the help of one's thumb or a un pointed object.


Our body consists of five basic elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. These five elements are controlled by electricity of the body known as Bio - Electricity. This bio - electricity flows in our body through 10 energy channels (five on each side) which are known as "Meridians". So long as this current flows properly, the body remains fit and health. If for any reason, this current does not reach any part of the body, it indicates malfunctioning of that part which in turn leads to a diseased condition. The switch board of this electric current is located in our palms and soles. When these points are stimulated they are indirectly stimulating the respective organ related with them.


The almighty has provided the key for your health in your hands itself. Thus one need not find the treatment for his ailments in the outside world. Your health is in your hands only. So, start pressing these points regularly to eradicate the disease and welcome good health.


Personal Care System


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