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Nakshatra Energies

The term Nakshatra refers to a means (tra) of worship (naks) giving its originally described meaning of connecting with the cosmic powers and extending our human mind to the cosmic mind. The Nakshatras are the portals between the physical realm and the heavens and therefore are the means through which divine grace can be bestowed upon individuals. That is the reason why till to date the rituals and meditations follow the timings of the Nakshatras.

The system of constellations is very ancient and dates back to about more than 5,000 years. Its reference is found in the ancient Vedic scriptures. Nakshatras are also considered the backbone of astrology and interestingly they are considered throughout the astrological analysis. Several interesting legends are associated with Nakshatras in Astrology. They define characteristics and influence of the planets placed in them. Janma Nakshatra is the Nakshatra in which the moon is placed at the time of birth and It plays a major role in shaping a person`s thinking patterns, inherent capabilities and destiny. Early astronomical texts name Nakshatras after their ruling deities (older gods of Vedas like Indra, Agni, Soma etc.). In these vedic deities lies much of the meaning of these nakshatras and requires some knowledge of vedic symbolism. Both the Nakshatras with their associated Deities give the talents inherent in a person and the benefits to be gained through them.

A persons entire life pattern, his behavioral tendencies, reaction to external stress and his way of thinking are predetermined by his / her birth star (time space occupied during birth). The Rishis (wisemen and scientists) of ancient times, after studying recurring trends and comprehensive research have formulated and documented the results as astrology.

At Dhieo Bio Vedic Floral Pharmacy, after extensive research, we have come up with 'Nakshatra Bioenergies'. The product contains a similar and beneficial Bio-energy as befitting your personality. Nakshatra bio-energies provide the exact life force pattern belonging to the person complimenting and enhancing the persons prana shakti (e.g. If a machine needs 120v current it does not function well with 110v nor 130v). By taking the medicine the person can realize his full potential, be relieved of stress and feel energetic as well as boost self confidence to the fullest.

Furthermore as Nakshatras are the main dispensers of karma through which grahas and other influences affect you this medicine rectifies those doshas. Any problem that crops up in your life can only affect you if you are weak and confused. Nakshatra energies improve your life force giving you a fresh outlook on life where every problem presented looks like an opportunity to better yourself.

Benefits of using the product:

  • Fortifies your physical body by enhancing your Bio energy / Life force thereby increasing resistance against disease.
  • Decongest at the end of a hard day - Helps you cope better with everyday stress.
  • Live life to the full - Increases your life force and makes you more energetic.
  • Regulates and balances your metabolic activity and other bodily functions.
  • Puts you over the mundane problems of life and gives you strength to solve the problems.
  • As mentioned in the 'Rigveda' and the 'Brahmanas', Nakshatras are the portals between the world and the heavens and bestow the results of karmic influences. It is emphasized in all the Vedas that the divine grace is bestowed upon us through the Nakshatras only. Hence the Nakshatras are the means for achieving our goals and their energy can be readily channelized for our benefit. Our Nakshatra and the Presiding Deity can bestow power to us for achieving our goals. The strengths of a person and his aspirations and his characteristics as well are dependent on his Nakshatra. The 'Nakshatra energies' enhance the strengths of the person and give a positive outlook and increase the energy of the person. This energy can be channelized to mould the person towards achieving his goal.

    Dhieo Bio Vedic Floral Remedies - Dr B. Lakshmi

    Dr. B. Lakshmi, PhD (Bio-Vedic flower therapy) M.A (Philosophy & Religion) is one of the foremost practitioners of alternative remedies from India practicing medicine for over 30 years. In her quest for finding the cure for proper health she has studied most of the alternative medical theories, with many of the leading therapists Internationally. She is the first Indian who was qualified as a Bio-therapy trainer.

    After doing her yogic healing course from Bihar School of Yoga she became a Karma Sanyasin and a disciple of Sri Paramahmsa Satyananda. She started Natural Health Promoting Association, an NGO, with the aim of integrating various disciplines of medicine to achieve the aim of perfect healing. Under this organization she conducted numerous health camps and invited various international and national doctors to seminars and training classes. Dedication and expertise allowed her to take on many challenging cases and cure them earning her a reputation and good client base. Not satisfied with the conventional medicines she continued her research into alternative medicine as well as the vedic scriptures, even forsaking her booming practice.

    She is the innovator of Bio- Vedic flower therapy, a no pill, no injection and drugless natural approach which corrects the energy flow of the body and heals from within by removing toxic substances and rectifying emotional imbalances. Our immunity being the world's best doctor, the concept is to bring healing from within. It is based on decoding information hidden in the Vedas and a rigorous research into all kinds of medicine.

    Dr.Lakshmi is:

    • Originator of 'Vedic Ecology'.
    • Originator of 'Vedic Ecology'.
    • Developed Bio-Vedic Flower Remedies.
    • Started an N.G.O for encompassing all kinds of alternative medicine, Natural Health Promoting Association (N.H.P.A est. 1992).
    • Practitioner and trainer of various alternative therapies including Acupuncture, Su-Jok Acupuncture, Yoga, Nature cure, Bio-Testing and Therapy, Radionics, Bach Flower remedies, Reiki, Pranic healing, Thermal imaging for disease prognosis, Meridian theory, Electro homeopathy, Qi Gong and many other therapies.
    • She learned from the best and foremost practitioners who, till date, stay closely associated with her: Yoga from Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda ji originator of Bihar School of Yoga, Bio-Testing and Therapy from Rev.Dr. Fred J Fox in Preston U.K, Acupuncture from Dr.Anton Jayasurya in Srilanka, Su-Jok from Dr.Park Jae Woo, Radionics from Dr. Ivan Combey, Qi Gong from Dr.Russel Des Maris from Turtle Island USA, Bach Flower Remedies from the Bach Centre U.K.
    • Took up numerous challenging cases like cancers, diabetes, asthma etc. and healed the patients.
    • Written a book on 'Vedic Ecology' for Bihar School Of Yoga which has been affiliated to the 'Oxford University' with the instruction and inspiration of her Guruji Sri Niranjan ji (V.C of B.S.Y).
    • Book (Diva Vrukshalu) released by the then collector of Hyderabad.
    • Presented a paper on Vedic Ecology for National Seminar on conservation of Nallamala forests by EPTRI.
    • Developed Vidika vanam Inaugurated by his holiness Sri Chinnajiyar swamiji.
    • Launched new concept energy medicine Nakshatra Energies through his holiness Sri Chinnajiyar swamiji.
    • Project with the Endowments Dept. of Telangana for implementing Vedic Plantations in the major temples of A.P (2000).
    • Consultant to the Forest Dept. for plantation at Basar (3 hills covering over 30 acres).
    • Developed a Nursery on Vedic plants inaugurated by the first lady of A.P.
    • Member of Bio Diversity Board, Forestry Dept, Govt of A.P.
    • She explored most of the forests of India mostly on foot associating with local tribes to develop her extensive knowledge on various plant species and ecological niche's.

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