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Kaveriss Holistic Healing

Kaveriss Holistic Healing - Profile

The aim of any occult science, be it astrology or numerology, palmistry or fengshui, crystal healing or colour therapy, is identical without any question : serving the customers with a rule book advice that would bring about happiness in their lives. Kaveriss Holistic Healing strictly believes in this and ably and properly guides people by suggesting suitable remedies for their tormenting problems.

At Kaveriss Holistic Healing, a team of occult and holistic specialists in various fileds are at service, besides the customer caring founder Ms.Kaveri.

Thousands of people have benefitted from their advice in astrology. Kaveriss Holistic Healing, a highly respectable astro-holistic outfit, provides solutions on marriage delay, delayed birth of children, compatibility of natal charts for marriage or business, professional / career obstacles, foreign travel and marital disharmony and health. In numerology, they guide people to have internal vibration between the birth date and name to eradicate all internal contradictions due to imbalance in vibrations. They also give guidance with the most appropriate, vibrant names to suit business / profession. Further, the name can also be corrected if need be.

In Fengshui and Pyra vasthu, Kaveriss Holistic Healing undertakes the responsibility of setting the things right at home, by identifying the loopholes in the placement of various household items with proper placement for heralding all round prosperity on the family. In gemology, they advise what to wear or not to wear, when to wear and how to wear. Also, they supply quality gems with proper certification.

In tarot, they guide and let know what is in store for the coming periods and what precautions one should take.

By applying colour therapy, pranic healing, crystal healing, reiki, yoga and meditation, they take care of health to see the best and finest of elements.

Kaveriss Holistic Healing

Ms. Kaverri

Flat no 1, Laxmi Sri Villa

Road No 2,

Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Telangana-India 500033

Phone no : 89789 03222

Please visit :

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