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How wonderful would it be if there were to be a system of medicine which would give relief without having to go through any pain, would not have any side effects, which is affordable, which can treat most of the ailments in a simple manner? Well, the fact is that there is such a system of medicine and that is Homoeopathic Medicine. This system of medicine has stood the test of time since it was commissioned for the cure of patients in 1790, because it has been able to adapt to the demands and the intrinsic worth, credibility of the principles are close to the human metabolism and understands the wisdom of the symptoms expressed by the human body. Science has advanced and Medicine has new nomenclature but the medicines which have always been sourced in Homoeopathy are good enough to treat the illnesses with new names. There is no pathology or degenerative changes in the human body caused by diseases which do not come under the purview of Homoeopathy. Take for example, Metabolic syndrome wherein the human body's function is at a low ebb because of the lifestyle changes in the past couple of decades. There are Homoeopathic medicines which can perk up the metabolism of the individual and see that normalcy is restored. This kind of a syndrome was not there in the previous generations and is new to medicine. But the fact that Homoeopathy can treat it means that it is adaptable and equal to the task.

Holistic system of Medicine

The reason why Homoeopathy can treat any disease that is going to come up in the future too is the fact that it treats the individual as a whole which is probably more unique to it than any other system. It takes into being the mental status of the individual under duress of the disease, the physical changes that alter the functions of the body and the local changes which are subjective to the individual. Because different individual affected by the same disease may have similar pathological changes in the affected organs but do not react and respond in the same manner. It is these idiosyncrasies which are critical to differentiate from one patient to the other and prescribe the necessary medicine for the patient that is the challenge of the Physicians.

But how do Homoeopathic medicines work?

The human body is a wonderful organism and has an innate capacity of self preservation which is secret of human civilization continuing to still walk on this land. Whenever it sees that there is something harmful which seems to gain its way into the system; the immune system rises to the task and expels, neutralizes the harmful substance. But in certain circumstances the internal mechanism is under duress of the harmful agent and the disease sets in. This is when the system in its wisdom cries for help in the form of symptoms. These have to be corroborated by the Homoeopathic Physician in seeking the most similar drug and since internal protective force of the body responds to it and wakes up to the call it subdues the disease and its symptoms. In fact this is the same way vaccines and immune therapies prescribed the Modern system of medicine work too. Though there is no active ingredient of the drugs the vaccines or homoeopathic medicines wake up the slumbered immune system into activity through the similar symptoms.

The better part of this system is that there are no side effects of the medicine. There are a lot doubts when such a statement is said ratifying that how can a medicine have an effect but no side effect. That is because the Homoeopathic medicines are so diluted and beyond the physical level that there is no harmful action of the original substances remaining. But then how can the good effects of the substance remain? Well, that is because once the medicine is dynamized, the effects of the medicine are passed on to the succeeding dilutions and the curative properties remain.

Homoeopathy as an alternative and complementary system of Medicine

Homoeopathy is a proven alternative in various diseases that can afflict mankind today. Whether it is the simple allergies, immune suppressions, gastric related disorders, osteoarthritis, spondylitis, bronchial asthma, tonsillitis or any other infection, this system of Medicine has remedy for it all. More often than not the need for any other system of medicine is simply ruled out in treating such conditions. But as medicine is progressing it has lead to diagnosis of various diseases. There are several diseases which are incurable, which do not have proper symptomatology because of suppression by various drugs, complications of long standing debilitating illnesses etc. when one system of Medicine is taking care of the patient it seems insufficient that Homoeopathic medicine comes in very handy as it does not come in the way of the other drugs, it does not alter the course of the pathology by suppression and further helps by working in tandem with the other medication. It helps in fortifying the action of the other drugs too. For that matter there is probably no illness in which homoeopathy has no role to play.

For example take a case of Cancer of the large intestine; Homoeopathic medicine would have good remedies to cut down on the bleeding from the cancerous tissue and some remedies which can also see that they can act together with other drugs to control, slow down the growth to spread to the other areas of the body. Take the case of Interstitial Lung disease wherein the capacity of the lungs is curtailed by the growth of tissues in the lungs coming in the way of respiration. Homoeopathic Medicine has good remedies to see that the exchange of gases takes place in the functional tissues in a better quotient and aid in slowing down the degenerative changes in the health areas. These are vistas in which other systems of medicines can be complemented with so that the patient is on a better way to recovery at a better pace and in a more desirable fashion; sans side effects.

Is Homoeopathy a Science?

Interestingly, the efficacy of Homoeopathic medicine has never been questioned. It has always been accepted that homeopathic dilutions are safe and secure and bring the patient to normalcy in its own inimitable way. There is enough clinical evidence that whenever these medicines have been prescribed they have always acted according to the Law of Similars and there is enough evidence of pathological investigations of the patients before and after homoeopathic medicines to affirm the same. Not only that clinical research has brought to record many cures of diseases and should be available for the skeptics. The only exception has always been that the prescribed homoeopathic medicines do not contain any original material of the substances that they have been made from. Fair enough, today's Science does not have any measure with which this can be measured and Chemistry can only extend its tentacles till the Avagadro's number today. Let us not forget that at various stages of history it was accepted fact of Science that it was either molecule, atom were the smallest but that does not remain true today. In the same way there would be a measure to bring the effect of medicines to book. Till then it has to be accepted that the clinical evidence is clinching enough to prove Homoeopathy and that should not be lost to the suffering civilizations. Homoeopaths have always averred that Science will some day rise to the occasion and prove in its own way that this syste of medicine would work. Take for example the research work done by Chemical Engineering Department of IIT, Bombay. The paper reports the fascinating observation that certain high potency (highly diluted) homeopathic remedies made from metals still contain measurable amounts of the starting material, even at extreme dilutions of 1 part in 10 raised to 400 parts (200C). It was understood earlier that only dilutions upto 13c could be recorded by chemistry but with the now recent evidence there is material evidence even upto 200c! Nothing has changed for Homoeopaths though; they would continue doing the good work they have always been doing. But it is only an answer to the skeptics.

Luc Montagnier, the French Virologist who received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for discovery of HIV that causes AIDS has showed enough evidence for Homoeopathic Medicine too. His investigations revealed the physic-chemical properties of biological materials even in high Homoeopathic dilutions. That is a clinching evidence too that has come up in the last year.

Is Homoeopathy upto the task?

Homoeopathic Medicine in India today is taught with the necessary allied basics of Medicines like Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Surgery etc. which helps the student to imbibe the knowledge along the lines of Science and that has radically changed the way of results that have been achieved with treatment of Homoeopathic medicine today. There has been a thirty percent increase in the sale of homoeopathic medicines over the past one year according to the study and release of ASSOCHAM. This only means that the medicines dispensed by the Homoeopathic practitioners who number about five lakh today over the country have increased attention to pay to the many patients that visit them for cure. It augurs well for the suffering lot as it still remains the most economical of all systems of medicines at their disposal.

More so with the advent of appropriate infrastructure and improved knowledge of Specialities, the Homoeopathic Physicians are now adept enough in treating cases of the specialized fields too. It is a matter of pride too that though the system of Medicine was invented in Germany and reached our subcontinent through the British during the pre-Independence era; the people of our country have taken to it like fish to water and have furthered the Science till today. With the progress and the way the developments are taking place in the Science today it is only a matter of time that Indian Homoeopaths will develop protocol in treating various diseases of the mankind and play a stellar role for the spread of Homoeopathic medicine across the globe.

Dr.K.Siva Shankar
Honorary Advisor,
The Telangana Homoeopathic Association,
Principal (Retd.) JSPS Homoeopathic Medical College,

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