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Energy Medicine

Mrs. Malathi A Rao

Malathi A Rao, a grand master in Reiki practicing and teaching Reiki for the last decade. She has totally committed herself to the study and understanding of alternate therapies. She is a Past life regression therapist, a Breath work specialist and an expert in Alpha Mind control meditation. Holds regular workshops for teaching Reiki, Energy Medicine, Past Life Regression, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Alpha Mind Control Meditation. She is also a certified Psychology counselor.

Energy Medicine

Wikipedia defines Energy Medecine as - "Energy Medicine, Energy Therapy, Energy healings or spiritual healing are all a branch of complementary and alternative medicine".

"Energy Medicine brings you vitality , when you are drained, health, when you are ill and joy, when you are down."

- Donna Eden

Here, the healer channels the healing energy into the person who needs healing in different methods. Hands on, Hands off, and distant (where the patient and the healer are in different places).

The alternative or energy medicine is like a self-help guide which promises to teach anyone to help / to heal themselves, using their own body's natural energies. It will help you to balance your body's energy for optimal health, joy and vitality. It awakens your energies that bring vitality, joy, enthusiasm to your life and health, to your body, mind and the spirit.

This method of healing, - the oldest medicine on earth and known as life force energy, helps you to participate in your own healing. It is your own & freely available. It helps you to participate in every moment of your life.

When the energies are blocked due to toxins, prolonged stress or whatever the known or unknown reasons may be, energy medicine activates the natural healing energies, heals the body by restoring energies that have become weak, or disturbed.

Energy medicine can be experienced by anyone. Ordinary people who have no experience in this field can also experience. Anyone who wants to engage their energies for empowering their body, mind, and spirit can practice. People of all ages and all walks of life, who are keen on taking their health in their own hands.

There are different categories or branches of energy medicine.

It is not possible to list all of thesse here. However, here is a brief overview of some of them.

  • Accupressure / Acupuncture (Body's meredian system)
  • Donna Eden's energy medicine. Most welknown healer and pioneer in this method of energy work.
  • Touch healing like Reiki, Quantum touch, Pranic Healing.
  • Polarity therapy
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Shamanic method
  • Theta healing

Whatever the method you follow, the following benefits or transformation will be experienced, when you go through this energy medicine processes.

  • Decrease in anxiety and depression
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduced fatigue.
  • Enhanced immunity by stimulating lymph flow.
  • Increases the joint flexibility.

  • Improves energy flow within the immune system.
  • Improves stamina in energy related disorders.
  • Relief from chronic and / or acute stress, pain and tension.
  • Enhanced harmonal functioning.

Although modern scientists do not agree or believe in this alternative therapy of energy medicine due to lack of empirical evidence, I invite everyone to become a scientist and experience and get the proof for oneself and enjoy the resultant beauty and tranquility.

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