Divya Retreat Private Limited
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Today's environment is a demanding one, and in the busy life we lead, we need to be in good health. Optimal health is much more than the absence of sickness. It is the conscious pursuit of the highest qualities of the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, environmental, and social aspects of the human experience.

Step into the healing environment of Divya Holistic Retreat, where they seek to educate and inspire your total person in mind, body, and spirit. Their comprehensive programs include both individual and organizational well being by offering services ranging from Yoga ,Meditation to job oriented programs,outbound training programs, children camps, boot camps, physical training etc.

Divya offers health & wellness programs to suit your personal and organizational needs such as self management, stress management, positive change, youth development programs, family bonding, adventure activities, team building activities and educational training programs. This is achieved through physical and emotional cleansing, while staying at their retreat, a place that is naturally conducive to healing.

Divya Holistic Retreat is a private healing place where individuals come for physical and mental cleansing. A place to get away from life's stresses and focus on learning and healing. A place to begin to put into practice lifestyle changes that enable the body to regain vibrant health by restoring its own natural healing power.

The low-key atmosphere at the Holistic Retreat sets the stage for a complete personal cleansing under the guidance of wellness therapists, guests participate in personalized daily plans designed to help regain health and vitality.

All cottages are wonderfully designed and in a unique model for comfortable living. Each of the cottages have a living room and bedroom to relax and rejuvenate. They also have individual rooms for dormitary style which are ideal for school children, summer camps, spiritual wellness camps, Youth retreats etc... In addition the retreat has conference facilties both conventional and natural settings for conferences, training programs, spiritual meetings etc...

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