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Alter Your Reality

Alter Your Reality - Author - Mrs Sharmila Rao

Chrysalis is the Spiritual Centre for Reiki training. Along with the commitment of Reiki training, it also incorporates holistic approach in itself by conducting psycho spiritual workshop like Past Life Workshop and various other spiritual meditation workshop catering to all walks of Life.

This place is beyond any school of thought and above any bondages as people learn through one medium of Love. People possessing any belief system come under a roof to experience and learn . The discipline here does not restrict but persuades to be AWARE. Healing humans, nature, plants, animals, time, space and relationships or in one word healing negativity is the central point of this place.

According to Sharmila Rao of "Chrysalis" the term means a protected stage of development.She believes that human beings are like larvae which has the potential to become a beautiful butterfly.. She helps in channelising the divine energy with the help of Reiki, which is a gift from God in these troubled times therby lifting us from darkness into the light, resulting in a life filled with abundance of love, joy, wealth, success and prosperity.

Chrysalis is not one organization but it produces organizations. It strongly believes in the 'institution' that exists in each individual. Their work is to groom the individual into an adult to spread the essence of love and explore in his / her unique way. Thus an individual attains optimum to serve thy self maximally in his/ her unique and expert way.

Contact Sharmila Rao at +91 98490 78511 Email:

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