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Ms. Neerja Poddar

PROFILE: Ms. Neerja Poddar

  • Neerja Poddar has been in the practice of complimentary healing sciences for over 20 years.
  • She has many years of hands-on experience in Behavioral, Psychological, Energetic and Spiritual Therapies.
  • Neerja teaches Access Consciousness BARS, Access Consciousness BODY PROCESSES, Access Energetic FACELIFT & Hypnotherapy
  • She also conducts various other self-empowering workshops that help people tap into their true potential
  • Holding talks and workshops for Clubs, Schools and Universities, Companies and other groups like Rotary Clubs, Womens Economic Forum and Prabhat Khabar Newspaper Neerja has been spreading the awareness of Alternate Modalities all over India
  • Practicing an integrated system by using the techniques of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Metaphor Therapy, Emotional Empowerment Technique and Family & Systemic Constellation and Access Consciousness techniques she helps people find solutions to their issues.
  • The Award of Super Woman Achiever was recently conferred to her by Femina/World Women Leadership Congress

What some of her clients are saying about her?
  • My wife Tania has been a patient of what has been previously detected to be severe bipolar disorder. But later her Doctors detected that to be a case of Paranoid Schizophrenia. When I sought for your help, she was schizophrenic, and under heavy dosage of tranquilizers, almost unaware of her surroundings. Your process of treatment had brought her composure back, and one again she is back to her own lively self that she formerly was. I only wish that for all those who are affected with such disorder, they can have their life back to normalcy if they avail this treatment. Debdatta
  • I was in great physical pain the doctors called it spondylitis and after all the treatment I felt no better. I goggled hypnotherapy and came up with NeerjaJis name. I had no idea my life was about to change she ran my "BARS" and I started feeling so much better. It worked at such a deep emotional level that it made me start believing in Access Bars Completely. Neerja Ji is such energy that I feel alive when I am around her. Suman
  • I went to Neerja, about 2yrs after starting my business, as I felt the need to earn and grow my passion, both monetary and a way to keep my mind well occupied. I did 1 session of the "money" healing with her and then after about 3 months, I reaped the store almost did more than double sales. Suppliers I was unsure of, agreed to work with us. So it was more than just income.....quite unthinkable. I feel positive energy just flowed in.Other personal issues also seem to be falling into place steadily. Anita
  • To tell u a great fact that I myself got benefit from your Hypnotherapy session which I attended for a day, and later I got much benefit in my mind through it The normal trend of the thoughts about thunder flash high pitched sounds which always used to effect my mind every times even in a clear day for almost a long time been regulated after conducting your One Day Session Abhijit
  • She is one of the best therapists in the country. My life is completely transformed because of her. Nikhiel
  • I was an insomniac before I started my healings with you. It's been now 4 years since I quit taking sleeping pills at night. Sonia

To book a session, Contact: Neerja Poddar

Mobile: +91 9830129292


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