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Violet Flame Healing

Ms. Rekha Khatwani

I am an Access Consciouness Bars Facilitator, Access Body Process Practitioner, Symphony of Possibilities Practitioner, Reiki Grandmaster, Money Reiki Grandmaster, Tarot Card Reader, Bach Flower Therapist, Distant Healer. I am a natural intuitive and Empath.

Violet Flame for Healing and Change

The quickest way for healing yourself and to flush out disease is to apply the transforming light of the Holy Spirit, the Violet Flame. The violet flame is the instrument of the personal Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of the Lord is the agent of God's healing, while the sacred fire is the agency. When you make heart contact with the Holy Spirit, by purest love you tap the source of the sacred fire of God.

Through his Holy Spirit, God releases his great love as the energy of change, as the flow of God's unfailing mercy and forgiveness.

When you give violet flame mantras and decrees with joy and faith, the pulsating alchemical action of the violet flame as the 'universal solvent' is dissolving all physical imperfections and impurities from the conscious and subconscious planes of your being. Your call, confidently and lovingly given aloud, is the exercise of the science of the spoken Word. The Call, by your free will, sets in motion the flow of the violet fire that transmutes underlying emotional and mental conditions, the causes in all disease.

You must willingly submit to the flame: anger and aggravation, hatred and mild dislike toward any part of life or person, subtle resentment held in your heart against yourself or members of your family. Stubborn will and human pride must go into the violet flame! The healing of all hardness of heart must happen before physical healing and wholeness can take place, and requires the unconditional surrender of your soul to your beloved Self, your Higher Self.

Give your violet-fire heart mantras and decrees many times over with your strongest and most concentrated visualization for the expansion of your heart's physical and spiritual capacity. Visualize the violet flame transmuting all impurities in your heart.

All layers of your consciousness are affected by the pure flow of light directly from the heart of your Self to and through your physical heart. Persistence is needed to penetrate age old habits of human discord.

Healing is a letting go process. Do it every day as you bid the Lord welcome into your heart. Every day express self-givingness to someone who needs your love.

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