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Ms. Surabhi Kalsi

Ms. Surabhi Kalsi

Surabhi Kalsi is an Angel teacher with the Diana Cooper Foundation, UK and a certified Angel card reader (CACR®)

She is a Life Coach and workshop facilitator certified to present Heal Your Life® Coaching and transformational workshops worldwide (based on the Louise Hay philosophy, approved by Hay House, US)

She also designs spiritual spaces in homes using colour, crystals, sculptures etc

She is a trained designer and entrepreneur. Her work as a designer has been rewarding with many milestones and has been written about extensively in the Gulf and Indian Media. She holds degrees in fashion, IT and business management. She enjoys learning, teaching, researching, painting, writing and photography which are all an expression of her creative spirit.

Her spiritual journey began in 2006 with an introduction to the angelic realm. She has been a passionate learner and has experienced major shifts in her life working with the angels, affirmations and an attitude of gratitude. A trip to magical Glastonbury helped her discover her path as a lightworker. She has photographed many orbs (usually round white objects indicating divine presence), elementals, cherubs and Ganesha.

She is committed to help people create a life of their dreams and live prosperous and abundant lives. She firmly believes that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Her exciting journey continues as new doors open, she is guided one step at a time and enjoys the blessings of an Abundant Universe..

For More Info call : Surabhi @ +91 99201 00123


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