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Dynamic Consciousness - Vilas Jain

Dynamic Consciousness - Vilas Jain

Are you struggling with health problems, emotional instability, relationship issues, stress, your child's academic issues, child's career, anxiety, etc?

Do you want to continue with these problems or are you looking for SOLUTION to these problems?

Fortunately, your search for a therapist who can help you get through your problems has ended! At Dynamic Consciousness, we are committed to providing supportive and grace-filled environment in which individuals, couples, parents and children can address problems and struggles they face.

I am here to enhance the quality of your life by helping you overcome emotional, psychological, behavioural and other difficulties. I have wide and profound knowledge of human behaviour dynamics, relationship dynamics, emotional and mental dysfunctions, and ability to provide therapeutic intervention and counseling. My client-centric and holistic approach brings changes at physical, mental, emotional and behavioral levels along with achieving an inner sense of peace.

Brief list of problems that we treat:

  • Children and Teenagers: psychological assessment, emotional and behavioural counseling, career counseling
  • Personality disorders, conduct disorders, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, etc
  • Addictions of smoking, eating, internet, gambling, etc
  • Fears and phobias, nervousness, performance anxiety,
  • Stress, anger, anxiety, depression, mood swings,
  • Migraines, tension headaches, thyroid, cysts, PCOD, corn, arthritis, uterus, allergy, constipation, weight issues, asthma, ulcers, intimacy, impotency, erectile disorder, etc
  • Relationship issues, divorce, traumas, rejections, loneliness, etc.
  • Specialization in Past Life Regression and Life Between Life session
  • About - About Me:

    I am a Clinical Psychologist, Behavioural Interventionist & Clinical Hypnotherapist. I treat wide range of behavioural, emotional, physical, and psychosomatic disorders while highly specializing in Regression Therapies. Where required, we use pranic healing, crystal healing and mudra healing modalities.

    With my unique blend of specialties in clinical psychology, behavioural therapy, clinical hypnotherapy & counseling therapy, pranic healing and mudra healing modalities, I resolve your issues using "eclectic" approach. This approach works at root cause of your issue instead of working on your symptoms thereby giving you long lasting results and inner peace of mind.

    My enthusiasm along with quality processes has helped me treat wide range of issues thus ensuring that my clients are empowered to live their life with its optimum potential.

    Why people choose to visit us:

    Profound knowledge of human behavior dynamics, relationship dynamics, emotional and mental dysfunctions

    Profound knowledge of children psychological with expertise in assessment areas.

    I use client-centered approach with a holistic orientation

    I use integrated approach that is personalized to your specific needs

    I treat at root cause level rather than work with symptoms

    All consultations and sessions are kept strictly confidential.

    I specialize in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives

    Sessions are conducted face-to-face, telephonic or online via Skype and by prior appointment only.

    (*** Note: We also conduct courses on Hypnotherapy, Pendulum Dowsing and Guardian Angel)

    For more details Contact Vilas Jain @ +91 97630 44145

    E mail :

    Website :

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