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Alternative Orientation - Coming out of the closet

When the topic of alternate sexuality crop up in conversation, many people become uneasy, or change the topic. This is because in our culture doesn't have as open a mind as we would like. This is unfortunate, but inevitable.

People who "come out" accept that they don't fit the mold society intends, and are often more at ease with people with don't agree with their way of life. Although many studies say that sexual preference is a biological difference, society still finds it hard to break away with the notion that it is a personal choice made by the individual.

In many cases, those who have "come out" about their preference seem more at ease with who they are, whereas those who have not yet come to terms with who they like are more reserved, self conscious, and tend to shirk the topic of alternate sexuality. This is not true of all cases, but those who do "come out" tend to be happier, more comfortable, and tend to be more willing to cope with people who don't quite see eye-to-eye with their views.

Even though awkward situations may occur, those who have come out seem more capable of dealing with these situations in a calm, collected manner, however, the type of person and circumstances can affect this outcome in a variety of ways. Those who "come out" with their views can empower others who have difficulty "coming out" to accept what they think. They can be a sort of role model, someone who understands what they're going through, and can listen to their problems without judging them on their sexuality.

It is wildly believed that lesbian or gay people are kinder, happier, and generally in a good mood. This is true of all the lesbian and gay friends of mine that have come out. They tend to see things through a more liberal viewpoint, but this is not true in all cases. Those who have not come out share these same traits, but tend to be more reserved when it comes to expressing their opinions about issues that pertain directly to lesbian or gay couples and people.

In retrospect, people who have come out with their sexuality seem more at ease with those around them, and tend to be more forgiving of those who disagree with them on many subjects. Those who have not come out tend to be more reserved, and not as keen to express their views of the world. Coming out is something that can be public or self realized. Either way, it usually benefits both sides

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