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Soul Route

Komal baxi

Consciousness Coach

Certified : Counselor

Clinical hypnotherapist

Certified yoga therapist

Clinical Sound Healer

Intuitive angelic healer

Komal is a unique mix of balance and passion, her innate ability to be one with her emotions has given her the freedom to be completely at ease with who she is and is able to give that opportunity to others to realize this freedom within for themselves.

A beguiling, sharp and sensitive as child, she grew up into the world with sense of bewilderment. Her natural ability to flow through life without resistance, freely emote combined with a non dual attitude made her clairsentient and very intuitive. With intelligent mind flamboyant heart took her on journey of thriving Retail career. After about a decade of work there, a personal journey began where she realized her natural talent and gift of being a CONCIOUSNESS COACH

As her journey unfolded and allowed the high priestess in her to step forward, with channeled message to co-found Soul Route with her soul clan she equipped herself with various certifications in energy/Alternative healing. As a consciousness coach she combines modalities like chakra healing, Angel Therapy, Past life Therapy, regression, sound healing, Counseling Metaphor therapy and Yoga, to facilitate mindful manifestations in all walks of life. She reaches out to individuals, parents, corporate, couples, and children alike.

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Anjali baxi

Life Affirmations Coach

Clinical psychologist

Clinical hypnotherapist


Anjli knew her calling to be one that will involve reaching out to others since her early childhood. She found her purpose when she attended her first psychology lecture in high school. She just knew then, that this is what she wanted to do with her life.

Soon equipped with a post graduate degree in psychology and clear intention in her young heart, she found her space in various versatile work assignments such as student's counselor, marriage coach, guest lecturer, teaching faculty to post grad students, conducting awareness talks and workshops.

Life presents us with messages under all disguise, circumstances both in her early life and her young career taught her the profound power of "self". In a bid to be open to accepting these divine blessings and signs that life brought onto her plate; she co-founded a holistic counseling centre called, "Soul Route", based in Goa. As a healer and Life Affirmation Coach and a certified Heal Your Life trainer she intends to reach out and pass on the ability to love the self within to all those who wish to empower themselves.

Contact @ +91 91678 76318

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Sanjay Menon

Self- Empowerment Coach

Brought up in a loving yet society conscious set up, Sanjay had somewhere lost tiny little parts of his very nurturing and gentle self to the pressure of living a "perfect" life. A gifted artist in his growing up years, Sanjay waded through his inner turbulence using his wit and gift of words. Un-behest to him, these childhood years were building him up to experience true joy and freedom of unveiling himself.

Striving to help others through material means was Sanjay's driving need; till one day it dawned on him that true giving is that of self. This realization propelled him to search for the elusive self!!! He realized that he must acknowledge his true self for only then can he surrender to the greater service.

As he began his journey of discovering himself he reconnected to his sensitive nurturing creative self. This combined with his calling of healing and serving others, gave him the drive to co- create Soul Route.

His certifications in Sound Healing, Counseling, Astral travel, Angel therapy, Chakra healing and Numerology are the reflection of his changed perspective and the steps to cross the bridge from expected Self to True Self. Through Soul Route he wishes to facilitate individuals in experiencing similar sense of joy at the freedom of being their True Self.

Contact @ +91 91678 76318

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Mehul Chhatbar

Life- Enhancement Coach

We all have a life plan. Mehul's was to live a king sized life. Then life took him on a far away path that was arduous and lonely. In trying to find way out and towards his dream, he knew he will have to change and let go his fears. He knew that to live a king sized life he has to be ALL of him. This intuitive inner directive forced him to acknowledge his innate wisdom, intellect, creativity, self worth and healing powers.

Mehul, a merchant with a Monk's heart has along with his corporate career as a legal and tax consultant cultivated a channel to explore his keen aesthetics sense, clairvoyance and other energy healing abilities through spiritual space alignment that he facilitates for his clients. He is certified in Interior designing, Space Clearance, chakra healing and Numerology

Soul Route, gives him the platform to share his knowledge to create physical environment that enhances heals and empowers people experiencing it.

Contact @ +91 91678 76318

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Soul Route

Life often takes you on a rough path where love feels like a distant reality, joy and laughter almost surreal, family feels estranged and misery the only companion. Day after day you feel more and more angry stressed helpless scared and useless.

It's when just as you had fallen in now have fallout...those you knew to be your soul mate feel life strangers. Nothing is going right and mind feels as if its in a deep deep smog of dejection, when anger is churning the blood to a boil and heartache is making the vision blur; it is then that one is often forced to ask..WHY ME?.WHY NOW?

These blessed words have in them the magic power of self inquiry; it is through these very questions that one opens the doorway to inner wisdom. Soul Route with its internationally certified team of facilitators provides you a completely sacred, confidential and nonjudgmental space to allow and promote this self inquiry and translate it into an upbeat life.

So welcome, dear one, to Soul Route

Co - founded by four spiritual entrepreneurs, Soul Route is one of its kind life empowerment & transformation center offering full range of psychotherapy & alternative life enhancing services aimed at cultivating healthy & successful lifestyles.

Built on the threefold path of love, accept and surrender; Through varied client centric, customized intervention that are conducted in-person, groups, online or on whatsapp. Trained therapist at Soul Route aid you to reprogram your mind, realign your attitudes and reconnect with the power within the person's mind, body and spirit. Their primary aim throughout the therapy is to empower you to find your own solutions and pathways where once you saw limitation and binding circumstances.

Keeping this core goal of self empowerment in mind, the core team of Soul Route has over the decade have, extensively learnt various alternative and traditional modalities that heal personal and environmental blockages. For Emotional and Interpersonal issues, Soul Route offers dual approach - For persons who feel more comfortable with cognitive approach of therapy, we offer traditional counseling and psychotherapy along with metaphor therapy and Heal Your Life session (based on Louise hay philosophy) While the team offers various alternative options to persons open to alternative modalities like consciousness coaching, past life therapy, hypnotherapy, Angel healing, crystal therapy to name a few.

Whereas for Physical health issues Sound Healing and Yoga (sometimes in combination with therapies mentioned above) are recommended for effective, immediate relief from pain and health related issues, including chronic lifestyle issues and where medicines have not worked like arthritis, gynecological issues, cancer and other routine ailments of cold ,fever, diabetes, high blood pressure to name a few. These modalities have also given tremendous response in healing psychological dis-ease like depression, bi-polar, hyperactivity to list some.

In addition, Soul Route with its promise of "complete spiritual solution" provides intervention and solutions to improve our physical environments and its vibrations acknowledging innate importance of your life environment on your heath joy & success quotient. Their space enhancement wing of certified experts provide thorough guidance to harmonies these energies by offering Space Clearance and recommends, as required, easy to use solutions for the same. This is also done in combination by consulting numerology of the client.

Soul Route- It's very genesis was channeled to its founders at crossroads in their personal journeys and is an expression of their cumulative life purposes. In their own personal transformation they have found the conviction to promote the insight and methods that today makes the very foundation of Soul Route. They believe each individual has self healing abilities and has a preferred methodology to activate this self healing mechanism. Our job is to expertly facilitate this personal transformation.

Komal Baxi Chhatbar, Consciousness Coach is an Internationally Certified Clinical Sound Therapist, a Certified Hypnotherapist, Counselor and Yoga teacher, with a sharp mind & bohemic soul. Komal is an extremely sensitive and a gifted intuitive healer. Favorite with young kids and couples her expertise in guiding an individual to tap into his higher consciousness has led her to launch successful programs related to Career (Success Consciousness), relationship (Marriage Makeover) Conception and Parenting (Nesting Instincts and Tag along Parenting). Her therapeutic expertises are in the fields of Angel healing, Past Life Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Crystal and Sound Healing.

Anjli Baxi, Life Affirmation Coach is certified Clinical Psychologist and internationally licensed Louise Hay workshop teacher. A natural mentor, Anjli is sincere and passionate about her calling to empower others to believe that they can create their own life. Her expertise and extensive experience as post grad trainer, student and marriage counselor in the field of traditional Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy combined with her gifted affinity to all things empowering. She beautifully engages both traditional and alternative therapies while working with individuals specially women and teens who are looking to find their path.

Sanjay Menon, self empowerment coach, is a nurturer at heart and likes to keep things soothing for his clients through all his sessions. Internationally Certified Clinical Sound Therapist, Certified counselor, international astral projection coach and certified angel card reader, Sanjay is dedicated to facilitate transformation in the most gentle- no pressure manner. His extreme sensitivity has allowed him to form deep bonds with all his clients. Born artist, Sanjay works with vibration healing through our energy centers- using modalities like Sound Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Healing, Astral Projections; Numerology. He also combines metaphor therapy and Angelic healing to facilitate healing in the client.

Mehul Chhatbar, certified counselor and intuitive energy healer is the recluse among the team, he is most comfortable working with numbers and energies and has found his calling in the area of Spiritual Space Enhancement, crystal works , Alter creation and Numerology. He partakes in sharing his experiences with clients as we guide them through Angel Benevolence and Chakra Healing workshops

Together with our team we facilitate life transformation in following areas

Personal Health-Physical & Mental

Interpersonal Harmonies

Academic Excellence


Financial Health

Consciousness Coaching

Mindful Conception Pregnancy And Parenting

Corporate Consciousness- expanding efficiencies

Life Enhancements Coaching

Spiritual Space Designing

Space Clearing

We employ following modalities: counseling, psychotherapy and alternative

1. Psychotherapy: This is a process traditional counseling where we work- talk- with the client to aid him in widening his perspective by identifying n releasing dysfunctional beliefs. This is based on different psychological theories n therapies.

2. Chakra healing: Chakras are 7 main energy points lined up like our spinal cord around our physical body (in our aura). These are affected by our emotional experiences and in turn influence our emotional state. When these chakras are out of sync we experience emotional disharmony. Chakra healing is a modality that will help bring the emotional balance n harmony back through affirmations and meditating on these 7 energy points.

3. Crystal healing: Crystals also work on our emotional energy. Each crystal resonates with particular area of the body and emotional area. Depending on the emotional issue or a physical ailment a crystal recommended to keeping it with you which will release the energy block.

4. Numerology: Each number has unique vibrations and so our name, birth date will have a specific frequency. If certain spelling/ numbers are i.e. the vibrational frequency is at odds with each other one may keep experiencing unfavorable circumstances. Numerology can provide alternative spelling so as to harmonize the vibrational frequency and experience harmonious life circumstances.

5. Past life regression: PLR allows you to gain insight and release the past life traumatic events that are limiting your experiences and emotional health in this life. PLR is usually done through hypnosis.

6. Hypnotherapy: process of gaining insight and releasing traumatic events of this life time done through hypnosis- a state of deep sleep and focused mind, usually done through progressive relaxation.

7. Angel card reading: Similar to tarot cards, these cards give insights and predictions about a person's past present n future thus aiding them with awareness of the core issue and its plausible solution.

8. Metaphor therapy: This therapy is an interpretation of a landscape drawing done by the client. The drawing throws light on client emotional space and the issues client is struggling with -past present n future-. This is followed by guided meditation using visual imagery or verbal metaphor to help client deal with core issue without actually talking the problem itself.

9. Alter creations: Alter creation is a technique used for personal and space clearance. It involves creating an alter using various crystals and feng shui articles to clear and enhance the energy vibration of that physical area or a room and the person/s living there.

10. Meditation: A tool to calm the mind, feeling centered and focused.

11. Guided visualizations: A meditative state where a facilitator is directing our thought/visuals in your desired direction.

12. Yoga: A way of life that helps you balance you body and mind.

13. Sound healing: The tiniest particles found in human body are electrons n protons. They move around to create an energy charge. Their movement are governed the vibration around it. We also know that every sound carries a vibrational movement and thus when we play certain sounds we feel it soothing because these vibrations are able to change the rhythm of electrons and protons in the body. Sound healing uses singing bowls of different sizes to create different healing vibrations.

14. Heal your life: Based on international bestseller by Louise Hay. This is a very versatile modality of transforming lives. Its basic philosophy is that you create your own life and it offers various tools to create that life.

15. Space Enhancement: With life space enhancement consultancy design your office / home / personal space environment to remove energy blocks, harmonies and manifest your desires.

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