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Everything You Need to Know About Reiki

Everything You Need to Know About Reiki

The word Reiki derives from two Japanese words that mean literally: universal life force energy. The universal life force energy is the source of all life and is older than all creation. Just as there are many names for Ki, Creator, God, the Universe, the First Source, Goddess, the Higher Self, The all pervading power of God. Great Mystery, Higher Power, etc,

Beginning with a first attunement, the receiver is able to connect with healing Ki simply by placing his hands on themselves or someone else. The life force energy automatically flows through the practitioner, first healing her or him and then healing the other.

One of the first things people notice about this healing energy is an intensified heat radiating from the person's hands. Those who have experienced a Reiki healing often comment that "her hands were so hot!" This is the life force energy flowing through them, and it is powerful! Sometimes it may be so cool. It's ok either way. Reiki healing happens according the person's need and the command is from the Divine Infinite Intelligence. Reiki healer is only a channel through whom the patients draw the sufficient amount of energy they need to create the balance. Reiki is not given but is taken. Reiki practitioner's energies are never depleted. You can continue to iFaridabadease energy level and healing capacity by treating yourself and others daily. The more you treat the more the energy one can receives as Reiki flows universally in the healer and healed. Both are benefited the giver and the receiver.

The Origins of Reiki:

This natural healing system is described in 2,700-year old Sanskrit writings. That places its practice at roughly 600 years BC, in the India-Tibet area. That would be within 100 years or so of when Lao Tsu is said to have written or coordinated the writing of the Tao Te Ching. No one knows how old the practice actually is.

In the 19th century, a college professor Dr. Mikao Usui, rediscovered the practice as a result of his personal 20-year quest to learn the basis for the practice of healing with the hands. Dr. Mikao received the reiki energy after his 21 days pasting meditation. He began the practice of Reiki and spread in Japan, where he proceeded to teach and practice the technique for the remainder of his life. This "Usui system" of energy healing has since been passed down by Reiki Masters, and is now practiced on a world-wide basis.

How does Reiki work?

The body has its own natural healing capabilities that are fueled by this universal life force Energy /Reiki energy. Reiki therapy replenishes the recipient's Reiki energy supply, while removing blockages to the energy flow, and balancing its absorption by each and every cell of the body. During this process, the recipient moves into a deep state of relaxation, softening and relaxing every muscle, connective tissue, and organ in the body. That softening removes the blockages of energy flow and makes all fibers and cells in the body more absorbent to the Reiki energy and nutrients ingested and breathed. The Aura, chakras, and the meridian system will be balanced with required YIN, YANG Energies and the energies of the 5 Elements.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki techniques are used to heal the body, mind and the spirit. It has been proved that Reiki can help people suffering from various major and minor ailments. It is often used as a complementary therapy in a number of hospitals today. Reiki has not only helped patients with physical ailments but also helped those with minor psychological problems as well. Reiki has even helped people to improve their overall personality, and relations.

Some of the benefits of Reiki are as follows:

  • Promotes natural self-healing
  • Balances the organs and glands
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Balances the energies in the body
  • Treats symptoms and causes of illness
  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • Adapts to the natural needs of the receiver
  • Enhances personal awareness
  • Relaxes and reduces stress
  • Promotes creativity
  • Releases blocked and suppressed feelings
  • Aids meditation and positive thinking
  • Enhance cells metabolism, detoxification and nutrients assimilation
  • Improves blood circulation and nourish the blood
  • Reiki improves communication enhances creativity and quality of life.
  • It improves the confidence level and the esteem of the client
  • Balance Glucose level, lipids and blood pressure
  • Improve various Enzymatic Activities in the body
  • Reverse aging and beautify Brighten skin
  • Heals holistically
  • Heals soul loss
  • Weight loss
  • Relations healing
  • Improves good memory and grasping power
  • Reiki iFaridabadeases confidence and helps in overcoming fear and anxiety.
  • Reiki stimulates growth in children, plants & animals
  • It treats chronic and acute medical problems.
  • Reiki can be used as a complementary therapy with conventional therapies. Reiki can be used simultaneously with other conventional therapies without adverse effects.
  • For Women, while they are pregnant.
  • Treats Irregular monthly cycles for women
  • Heels Memory loss for all ages- ADHD problems- Autism
  • While using medication or While undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

Our Syllabus for all Levels of Reiki Courses

Reiki 1st Level

  • What is reiki how does reiki work?
  • History of Reiki (Three Masters)
  • Principles of Reiki
  • Concepts of Reiki
  • Aura and Chakras
  • Golden ball meditation
  • What is an attunement?
  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • Attunement experience
  • How to do 21-day cleansing process
  • Healing reactions
  • One to one hands on healing practice.
  • Benefits of Reiki
  • Salt water foot soaking treatment (Bio plasmic waste disposal)
  • Questions and answers

Reiki 2nd Level

  • Introduction
  • Are You Ready to Advance to Level II?
  • Brief Open Discussion
  • Reiki symbols without initiation are of no value
  • Reiki Symbols as keys
  • The Reiki Distance Healing symbol
  • What is the Hansha zee sho nen symbol used for?
  • The Mental/Emotional symbol -Sei He Ki
  • What is the Seheki symbol used for?
  • Use affirmations for the connection of Seheki.
  • Taking a client to a Holiday spot, for stress relieving by using SE-HE-KI
  • The Reiki Power symbol - Choku Rei
  • Uses of cho ku re
  • Reiki distance healing
  • Reiki distance healing technique -2
  • The ethics of distant healing
  • Scanning
  • Protect your home from negativity using REIKI
  • Suggestions reiki professionals to treat the clients:
  • A) For Yourself
  • B) Your approach towards clients
  • C) Invocation of gods and angels
  • D) The Power of Intent
  • Beam Reiki
  • Room purification for therapy with Reiki
  • Protect yourself daily with Protective white Light
  • Programming Reiki
  • What is a positive mind programming?
  • Reiki wishes Box
  • What you can keep inside your wish box
  • Reiki when Relaxing & Sleeping
  • How to do Intuitive Grief Healing? Or healing the dead people?
  • Healing of the struggles, Reiki to past present and future.
  • Healing Tensions
  • Aura Loosening and cleansing
  • How to Seal an Aura after a healing session.
  • Reiki to attract abundance and prosperity
  • Group distant healing:
  • Om Symbol (Bonus)
  • YIN /YANG and Reiki Intro
  • The conclusion


  • Who is a Master Healer
  • Abilities and qualities of master healer
  • Master healer symbol
  • Protection and Completion symbol
  • Chakras of the body [therapeutic level]
  • Problems and related chakras
  • The Aura
  • Earth mastery meditation
  • Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Creating a crystal grid
  • How to protect from psychic attacks
  • Yoga Nidra and golden ball meditation
  • Psychic surgery
  • Manifestation of Goals
  • Simple reiki techniques for goal setting-
  • Reiki-Law of attraction]
  • Salt water remedy
  • How is salt water remedy performed
  • Body sweeping and salt water disposal
  • Beam reiki
  • How to purify the reiki room
  • How to improve memory with reiki
  • Reiki for good sleep
  • Reiki charging for Bathing
  • How to find lost objects with reiki
  • Treat the future with reiki
  • Purification and energizing with reiki
  • Cleansing work place with reiki
  • 10 good times to send reiki
  • 6 ideal ways to use reiki
  • How to treat animals with reiki
  • Treating emotional problems
  • Yin Yang and Reiki
  • Relational Healing session

REIKI MASTER [REIKI 3rd 'B' Level COURSE] - (Two Days)

  • Reiki meditation chart
  • Recollection of total Reiki levels
  • Different types of Meditations
  • Reiki attunements
  • Hui Yin Point
  • Violet Breath
  • Usui system of reiki attunement process 1st degree
  • Usui system of reiki attunement process second degree
  • Usui system of reiki attunement process third degree
  • Distant attunement
  • Practicing attunement
  • Various other attunement styles
  • Emphasis on individual performance (one to one)
  • For becoming Reiki Master / Teacher /Therapists looking to teach Reiki and spreading Reiki this course is very Important, useful, and suitable
  • Enjoy a review of Reiki experience with a well versed, Reiki Master Teacher
  • Learn to perform healing attunements - for deeper healing- Learn how to attune your students to all 3 levels of Reiki
  • Ask the student to Recap and Review of symbols.
  • Enjoy a deep chakra clearing with the Different varieties of meditations.
  • Meditation develops your energy awareness through the Hui Yin Point
  • Learn how to work with the Violet Breath.
  • Learn how to develop an excellent training programme.
  • Discover how to support your own energy in preparation for attunements.
  • Gain firsthand experience of teaching Reiki with an eminent Reiki Master.
  • Teacher Becoming a Reiki Master is a journey, not an end goal. At the Master level your spiritual development enhanced. The term Master relates to mastership over oneself, not others.
  • All the Reiki Classes are either taught in a group or individual classes.
  • A specially attuned certificate will be provided
  • The most important thing concerning the development of a Reiki practice is the quality and strength of your intention.
  • The best intention to have is the betterment of the other person, to serve others and to have compassion for all beings.
  • You can share every time your doubts and ideas with Reiki Profiles.
  • You will be always invited by Reiki Profiles for its special seminars and get-togethers.
  • You can ask any time the support of Reiki Profiles.
  • This is what will make your reiki practice a success and make you a good Reiki practitioner automatically!!!

Who can learn Reiki?

Reiki is not a Religion or a Belief system. Everyone can practice this. Reiki is practiced by people of all spiritual backgrounds and beliefs. Reiki is not limited to any particular philosophy. Reiki can be passed on to people in comas, or in traumas, to infants, or even to animals. As long as you are properly attuned to Reiki, anyone can have the Reiki activated in their hands, as it is already a part of us all.

Why do we practice Reiki?

Reiki is a powerful form of healing with no harm or side effects. Not only does Reiki heal the body, but it calms the mind and nurtures the spirit. Not everyone will be called to be a Reiki healer; however, everyone should at least allow themselves the experience of Reiki's healing and loving energy at least one time in their life. When you experience Reiki, you are experiencing the touch of everything on the planet simultaneously, and the experience is rich and lasting.

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