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Beyond Karm - Ms. Varsha Sangal

Profile: Beyond Karm - Ms. Varsha Sangal

  • Do you need healing?
  • Are you suffering from stress or pain and feel there must be something more to life?
  • Do you need to release your emotional baggage?
  • Are you looking for a place where you can feel safe and nurtured?
  • Do you require spiritual guidance?

Come and experience the interconnection between your physical body and your emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Working together, Varsha Sangal help you access your innate healing capacity and follow your own inner guidance. This enables you to explore major stresses in your life and transform old patterns of behavior that contribute to your ill health. Feel your vital energy flow through your being, releasing pain and depression and filling you with renewed hope for the future. Her experience with the healing modalities is that it can relieve very real emotional and physical symptoms of illness and disease.

Founded and directed by Varsha Sangal, Beyond Karm offers high quality energy healing to help relieve you of stress, anxiety, depression, spiritual and emotional pain. Beyong Karm offers a deeply relaxing balancing of your entire system. Whether you are carrying emotional baggage, spiritual pain or just need to deeply relax your body and mind. She is a gifted healer, psychic, medium and has 20 years of experience, working globally with individuals and groups.

After working with Varsha, clients come to confidently use their unique abilities more fully and they begin to truly move forward by expanding their capabilities and responding to opportunities for personal growth.

Services Offered:

  • Access Bars
  • Life Coaching
  • Reiki
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Akashic Records
  • Tarot and angel Reading & Teaching
  • Energy Healing
  • Psychological Counseling

For personal or corporate group workshop or private consultation, Pl contact Varsha Sangal on +91 88001 53232

Online consultations available over telephone, Skype and e mail.

Ms. Varsha Sangal

Contact @ +91 88001 53232

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Cosmic Connection Process to Align and Treat Chakras :

This universe is the source of all energies. Being a part of it, the earth is also the enormous resource of infinite energies. The earth transmits energies to all animate objects living on it. It is the basis of everything in our lives whether it is our health, relationships, happiness, and even our finances.

According to the energy healers, there is an energy body around our physical body. This energy body is called the aura. It has a very good symmetrical shape like our physical body. A person feels unwell (to his or her physical body) when the energy body around his or her physical body gets affected and becomes asymmetrical. When an energy healer transmits cosmic energy in his or her energy body, he or she feels well. The healer makes communion with the universal or cosmic energy, resulting in a person more energetic, aligned and balanced.

As the healer uses cosmic energy (taking it from the earth) to heal a person, it is a natural process having no side effect on human body.

Cosmic connection process :

The cosmic connection process says chemical elements are all around us. These are the parts of the universe and these elements have created this earth. Every element collects energy from the huge energy sources of the universe. A human being is not an exception to this. This energy is called cosmic energy. It is the life force of all. It is the foundation of our actions and reactions to different situations and functions. Cosmic energy is achieved through meditation and contemplation with one's own self and living in the present moment.

Within the human energy body, there are seven energetic points called chakras. These chakras spines wheels of light, sound and color and inspires the human soul, creating a ring of energy. This ring of energy flows through the human body, aligning with our spinal column. It influences our state of being.

Depending on different conditions, environments, living conditions and general development, all energies center round in every individual and develop different kinds of consciousness at various stages in his or her growth pattern. These energies and their flows can be controlled by the energy healer to ensure better human condition.

The cosmic energy healing method has been emerging as the alternative healing method that does not require any medicine to heal a person suffering from various diseases like blood pressure, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, etc. Moreover, it can treat various psychological issues like anxiety, irritability, lowliness, and depression.

The cosmic connection process includes different methods of mediations to practise in total silence and in the peace of mind. It aligns chakras, cleanses it and removes blockages through the meridian system. It clears blockages and aligns our chakras and brings balance in the human energetic system.

The founder and director of Beyondkarm, Varsha Sangal makes your aura strong so that no illness, disorder and damage come to your organs. Her expertise and years of experience in applying this method align and treat chakras, release illness and bring harmony to a human being.

Stress management

Child counselling

Allergy Management

Fear & Phobia

Pain Management

Healing Retreat

Smoking Cessation

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Ms. Varsha Sangal

Give us a ring or send an email @ +91 88001 53232

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