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The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary - Ms. Sunita Rao

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With over a decade of experience in the healing space, Sunita Rao has continuously delved the realms of human wellness and spiritual well-being. She has always sought to help her clients grow into healthier versions of themselves - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In her pursuit of finding better ways to heal the human body, mind and spirit Sunita Rao has been certified by internationally renowned organizations such as the EKAA School of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy and Heal Your Life based on the philosophy of Louise L Hays. She is also a Reiki Grandmaster practising and initiating in the Usui system of Reiki.

Sunita is a proficient Tarot Card Reader and has probed the wisdom of the Tarot. Her studies have taken her into the depths of many Tarot decks such as the Rider White, the Toth and the Sacred Indian Tarot to name a few. Atrained Bach Flower Therapist and she also specializes in Aura and Crystal Therapies.

She understands that each individual's concerns are different and can have very distinctive inclinations to the myriad modalities of healing and development that are available today. She therefore focuses on identifying that one particular approach which is in tune with her client, thereby bringing a lasting and affirmative change.

An enthusiastic and loving spirit, Sunita's motivation comes from the empowering her clients. She acts a partner to her client's intentions in order to bring positive and constructive changes in their lives.

She loves sharing her experience and takes classes for Hypnotherapy, Heal Your Life workshops, Reiki initiations, trainings for Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Therapy and Tarot Reading workshops. She believes that there is no greater joy than witnessing the soul's alignment with the Universal divine energies.

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