Learn to Love Yourself
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Understanding who you are should be the first step in the process of living in harmony with your SELF. Here are few techniques for positive thinking and to attain harmony with your true self. One of the best ways to start loving yourself is listing down, or just thinking about, the positive qualities you possess. The way you think has great impact on your day-to-day life. Your thought process has an effect on your personal, social and work life. Thinking positively should therefore, be the best things to start with. Understanding more about the law of attraction should also prove to useful. Let us learn how to love yourself by following some of the ways given below.

Controlling the Mind

Here are a few tips which can prove to be useful in mind controll. Our mind is a magnet which attracts both positive and negative thoughts. It is common sense that positive thoughts are good and negative ones bad. The accumulation of positive and negative accordingly give their result. Controlling the mind and conditioning it to receive the positive waves (thought) is possible. It requires the person to take an initiative and persistently cling on to the positive thoughts. Practice is the name of the game and it doesn't require anything but conditioning the mind on a regular basis. This way, you can learn how to love yourself, as turning the focus inwards (knowing more about yourself) is the key.


As said earlier, what happens to you is the sole responsibility of yourself. It takes time to understand this concept in real life due to the human tendency of blaming others now and then. Meditation helps in clearing off such harmful thoughts by means of contemplation. It is like observing the 'live telecast' of our mind while simultaneously weeding out useless thoughts. Now about the actual process of meditation; meditation is one of the best ways in the process of trying to understand how to learn to love yourself. Meditation allows to view your thoughts from a neutral perspective and thus, facilitates self improvement. In this process, one doesn't have to control the mind. Just view your thoughts like a TV screen. This method works wonders and allows to know more about yourself. The more you know about your true self, you start to love yourself. All the beautiful and interesting thoughts are hidden in your very core; everything else (dirt) is acquired. You just need to watch the 'TV' and get solutions to your problems. The self esteem raises to a great level by meditating regularly.

Sports and Recreation

This topic may sound a bit odd in what seems to be a serious discussion about mind control, meditation, etc. Sports is however, such activity which helps, to learn to love yourself, greatly. All the dust and rust of our joints and mind is washed out with these sports. We begin to understand our potential and the self confidence increases. Nowadays, with the work life becoming increasingly sedentary, it is necessary to understand the importance of sports and recreation. The recreational and sports activities help you to express yourself.

The different points mentioned in the article should help you to learn to love yourself. There is no rocket science behind the concept of learning to love yourself. It just requires the necessary push, motivation and consistency to keep treading this wonderful path.

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