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Ozone Therapy

what oxygen can’t do for you, ozone will.....

What is ozone?

Ozone is a three molecular Oxygen. O3. It is highly oxidating which also means it reacts easily with other agents. Ozone is also found in the higher levels of our atmosphere.

How is Ozone generated?

Pure oxygen is led through an electric coil and thus gets energized. Already in 1857 Werner von Siemens used the up-to-date procedure to produce ozone. The principles are used in all ozone appliances that are on the market. Ozone Therapy is always applied without contact to the open air. If ozone gets into contact with the air, the oxygen molecules immediately react with the nitrogen and build up nitrogen-oxydes - a deadly poison. The story about the ozone is, that at first the scientists who worked with Werner von Siemens had thought it would be a great idea to add ozone to the breathing air - they thought it would be some kind of a super oxygen. They tried it on an ox first and the poor creature dropped dead within seconds. Later they found out why and since then ozone is only used with caution and with no air contact.

How does Ozone work in the body?

1. Ozone increases the amount of oxygen in the body

2. Ozone reduces clogging of red blood cells

3. Ozone has a detoxifying effect on the liver

4. Ozone decreases uric acid in the body and helps eliminate it

5. Ozone improves the circulation and oxygen supply

6. Ozone decreases fat (cholesterol and triglycerids)

7. Ozone kills viruses and bacteria and fungus (like candida)

8. Ozone improves the activity of the white blood cells

9. Ozone improves the metabolism of the cells

10. Ozone slows down the aging process - vitality comes back

With Ozone Therapy - especially when it is added directly to the blood - the body is enabled to take in large quantities of oxygen. This therapy is free of side effects (of course as long the rules for the dosage are obeyed) and has proven to be very helpful even in severe illnesses.

What is the indication for Ozone Therapy?

Ozone Therapy is indicated for the following diseases - to name only the most important

1. Arthritis and other rheumatic diseases

2. Arteriosclerosis

3. Sclerosis of the heart arteries - heart pain while resting

4. Any kind of liver destruction caused by virus or toxins

5. Lack of circulation in the limbs or the brain

6. Post stroke treatment

7. High blood cholesterol

8. High uric acid levels in the blood (gout)

9. Skin diseases caused by poor circulation

10. Eye diseases caused by poor circulation

11. Migraine headaches

12. Vertigo, dizziness, Morbus Meniere

13. Slow recovery after illness

14. Auxiliary treatment for cancer

15. Burn-out syndrome, Eppstein Barr, Lime disease

16. Oxygen utilization deficiency coming with diabetes etc...

The biggest value of the ozone treatment lays in the prevention of illnesses - especially when there are risk factors like heavy smoking, high cholesterol values, high uric acid values, high blood pressure, diabetes or old age.

100 years ago the normal life span would be about 50 years. Nowadays we may expect an average of 75-85 years. In the process of aging, alterations in the blood vessels occur. They cause sclerosis of blood vessels, that result in strokes, heart attacks, circulation problems of the legs, or forgetfulness. Aging brings about a poor oxygen utilization within the lung and thus less oxygen for the body. We are as old as we are able to take in oxygen... Well there is a cure for that!

In old age we find more rheumatic diseases, high blood pressure, dizziness, low immune response and cancer. As all these diseases have to do with a worsening of the oxygen supply the logic consequence is to add oxygen by means of the ozone treatment and prevent a great deal of these diseases.

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