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Sri Kamal - Vaastu Vigyan

Profile: Sri Kamal - Vaastu Vigyan

A professional Astro Numerlogist, Vastu expert since many years, Sri Kamal is been practicing these divine art, to give you the right solutions for your problems. He utilizes his deep knowledge of the of Numerlogy, Vastu Shastra and believes in logical scientific approach based on ancient method of calculation.

Mr Sri Kamal s one of the leading exponents of 360 degree consulting based on Astro Numerlogy and Vastu Shastra in India.He has been consulting individuals and businesses for many Years. His advice has influenced many lives and hundreds of businesses. He is a keen student of Vastu and Numerlogy, a well-read scholar and a practicing consultant. Along with Numerlogy and Vastu, he also indulges in Reiki, Dowsing, Crystals and Geopathic stress.

Srikamal believes in aiding people in whichever way one can.He believes that these disciplines are very scientific and governed by logical and robust principles of astronomy, mathematics and psychology. He believes that a person is greatly influenced by his own psyche and that one can smartly adapt to the external factors that only need to be understood and adapted to, rather than feared. He wishes to create a psychologically healthy society, because he believes that it is only with complete mental peace, that physical and financial well-being and happiness comes into one's life

For more details please contact Sri Kamal @ : +91 9591405555

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