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Krish Consultations - Ms. Poonam Sharma

Ms. Poonam Sharma

Poonam Sharma is widely known for offering superior standard and precise services. Based in Chandigarh, she runs a Wellness Centre called Krish Consultation. The Centre is widely visited by a broad clientele within and across the nation. The Centre believes in reliable solutions to various problems of an individual's life. This integral feature of their services has served as a quality to become one of the foremost names. They had been providing various services for the past 14 years in the field of guidance and wellness solutions like Reiki Healings, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Hypnotherapy Tarot Card Reading, Astrology, Vastu Shastra, and Kundli Match-Making along with Gem Stone Selection. The Centre provides highly effective solutions for various complications, that may arise in one's personal and professional life. The Centre is focused towards accomplishing their main motto, 'Guidance Clarity, Solutions', that is, to guide and hence providing clarity by offering feasible solutions. The solutions can be incorporated in one's daily life for problems ranging from work, career, financial up-downs, and education, to marriage suitability, health, and family life.

Poonam Sharma, the proud founder of Krish Consultations, is a celebrated personality in the domain of Spiritual Science and Alternative Therapy healings. Born in 1967, she started feeling the blessed power in her childhood. Always engulfed in books on mysticism, faith healing and astrology since her childhood days; she is now engaged in various guidance activities. Simple by nature, she is a master of many techniques. She is a Bharat Nirman Award winner, apart from being a member of the American Tarot Association. She is a Spiritual Master, Tarot Card Reader, Hypnotherapist, Astrologer, Vastu Shastra Consultant, Numerologist and a Reiki Grandmaster. In 2014, her book on Reiki, Reiki- A Light of Healing was published.

She is a member of various Media houses as many politicians, film and TV personalities have benefitted from her guidance. She carries out several Stress Management sessions for various institutions. She recently launched the Global Institute of Tarot and Astrology (GITA) which is an effort to show light to people through the divine wisdom of Tarot and Astrology. With her sole aim to deliver the best of ancient wisdom of Vedas and Modern techniques; she perfectly balances the role of destiny and karma; helping people to benefit from the best of both.


  • Complete confidentiality,compassion & maturity in handling personal information
  • Precise readings
  • Client centric approach
  • Pocket friendly rates
  • Practical & confidential solutions
  • Extremely effective results

Ms. Poonam Sharma

Contact @ +91 9872 771 591 & 9872 414 664

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