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Ritu Bahri

Ritu Bahri is a unique and extraordinary Spiritual and Energy coach, Reiki Grand Master, Access Bars Practitioner, EFT Gradaute and a Spiritual teacher. She is a natural intuitive, and empathic. Her special gift is to energetically resonate and entrain the highest vibration of Spirit in everyone she meets. Ritu helps people release blockages in order to live a healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. She teaches people how to release limiting programmed beliefs, affirm new self-loving ones and consciously co-create a life of empowerment, vitality, success and love.

An energetic, effective and committed leader, Ritu is a well-respected individual who naturally inspires people toward achieving their best. She automatically sees the big picture and offers innovative ideas, and new and different solutions to challenges. She has a gentle, outgoing and friendly nature. She is motivated to cause good, growth and gain in the lives of others. Ritu loves connecting with people to help them discover their true gifts and who they really are. She sees the beauty and perfection in everything and everyone.

Ritu's unique integrative energy healing modality is drawn from a spectrum of healing modalities, including Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Aura scanning, Chakra balancing, Embodying the living principles of self-transformational human evolution.

Contact Ritu Bahri: +91 99014 52012 / 99868 01120

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1) Just wanted to say a very big thank you to you Ritu for coming into my life ...... I don't know from where to begin, I guess the day I called you regards to the chakra work shop and we discussed about me, my turning point of life actually began from that first telephonic conversation of ours and after that there was no turning back.

Then the next day was our first meeting and I just can't forget the mind blowing experience of the inner child cleansing n healing you did for me and then our reiki journey started

I was blessed enough to meet you when I had almost reached the end point of my life where I had lost all hopes from humanity. My parents just gave birth to me Ritu but you made me understand my life had a meaning a purpose to live, it's like you almost gave me a new life !!!!!

U made me meet myself !!!!!

Ever since that day I m growing and only growing I began live every moment and enjoy every aspect of what life gave me. I realised my complaints became lesser n gratitude towards the universe grew largely

And then yesterday the journey process which you took me threw I have no words to express the feeling I went through !!!!

All my bitter experiences were thrown out of my system. You took me down to the deepest layer of me I touched my very SOURCE !!!!!

I could let go of so many blockages in life which were not letting me change the pattern of my inner thoughts. I could release so much of pain, hurt, insecurities, mistrusts, jealousy and my Incapabilities (ego) and fill myself with my true being of pure selfless and unconditional love

Thank you Ritu but seriously saying thanks to you will be very small a word but I know you know what I feel for you

Lots and lots and lots of our love always !!!!---By - Pooja Shroff

2) Hi Ritu, I just can't thank u enough for making me do the New Chakra Power Workshop... It's amazing. I feel so positive and happy at all times.. It's quite a miracle. I feel I can deal with any new challenges life has to offer..Am living each day to the fullest.

Lots of love Monica

3) You always have been a peaceful soul since childhood......Congrats on retaining the spirit over the years......God bless!!!---Superna Malhotra

4) I Feel so much more heartbun... u are a miraculous healer Ritu --- Rupal Shah

5) ThksRitu for all the knowledge u shared with us .... Had a lovely experience !!

OCTOBER 7TH 2013 --- Jyoti Nikhore

6) Thanks for enlightening Ritu ...more success urway ..!! --- Sanjay Sapra

7) Thank u ritu .. It was a wonderful experience.. After the session with u I feel more confident and calm. Your vibrations are truly positive and effective. With lots of love Monica

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