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Vikram Pancholi (VibhutiGanesh)

Profile: Vikram Pancholi (VibhutiGanesh)

Vikram Pancholi is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki, NLP and Energy Healer. He is into creating pragmatic tools from the knowledge and experience, attained in various metaphysical fields during last 35 years.

It is his conviction that the practical utility of metaphysics is to address the 'unknowns' of one's being and thereby empowering one to lead a meaningful, fulfilling and joyous life.

To dig out the voids, weaknesses, limitations, lacuna, threats and interfering elements, he uses : Astrology, Numerology, Face Reading, Vastu, Hypnosis and other intuitive techniques.

To mitigate the voids and improving upon limitations, he uses tools like; Planetary Remedies, Corrections in Numeric values and Vastu elements, Hindu Mantra, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Chakra & Crystal Therapy, Healing Meditation, Yogic and Energy Exercises, Spirit Release and Spiritual Healing.

In the Vedic Integrated Healing, he blends various healing techniques from West and East in the theme of Sankhya approach to Wellness.

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